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Working at Heights / Confined Space Training / EWP Refreshers Online

Have you previously completed a nationally recognised unit of competency for working safely at heights / EWP / Confined Space? Specifically do you have a Statement of Attainment and have previously completed the training face to face?

Many workplaces require you to re-do your working at heights ticket, confined space, EWP licence for refresher purposes, every couple of years. If this is you and your workplace needs you to do a refresher, then read on!

Our heights and confined space courses are completed online and covers everything bar the practical aspects. These aspects are covered when you do the initial Nationally Recognised training course face to face.

You will refresh on stuff like:

  • Identifying the work requirements, procedures and instructions for the task
  • Accessing and installing equipment.
  • Performing work at heights
  • Cleaning up the work area.
  • the work health and safety laws
  • fall arrest,
  • what situations present a risk of falls
  • codes of practice This makes it ideal way to manage the risk whilst being able to complete refresher training quickly

As you probably know, Working at heights includes any situation where a worker, or other nearby person, is exposed to a risk of falling (from one level to another) that is likely to cause injury to the worker or person.