About Us

We have been in the training industry since 2006. Some of our sister companies are Registered Training Organisations and we are deeply connected with RTO's, regulators and trainers - particularly in the health and safety field.

OHS.com.au was the grandfather of all health and safety sites in Australia. It started in the late 1990's. In it's hey day it was one of the most recognised directory listing sites for everything health and safety. The previous owner was a OHS consultant and decided it was time to retire in 2014. We decided that it was a great opportunity and bought the site. We got side tracked and finally in 2017 we put some serious efforts into resurrecting this beautiful domain back to life.

The education industry has been smashed in the last few years, particularly vocational training with loose Government schemes being set up and some training organisations taking advantage of that looseness. This has caused the value of vocational training to be really damaged and many industries feel it's no longer worth the paper it is printed on. So what next?

Our view is that unless it's a legislative requirement to have a vocational course (eg. it's a licence requirement) then the new trend is for information gathering with skills learnt on the job. This is the reality no what the training is - you start with a course but real skills and competency come with time and experience. A course can not give you those - it can only start you on a journey.

What we offer are short online courses in popular fields where training is needed. Given the name we are focussed on health and safety. The model is purchase a course at a time OR purchase the library for your staff to do as much training as you need them to do throughout the year. It's cost effective, it mitigates risk and it's a fantastic way of managing your duty of care requirements.

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