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Health and safety online training courses at is a unique resource in that we’ve been around since the late 90’s. We now focus on online health and safety training - specifically useful are our refresher courses. We understand that some of you may say, HEY the world has moved on - it’s WHS! That’s right, many of you now know OHS, as WHS or Work Health and Safety. Still to us, and many of our customers, they will never blink an eye if you say OHS, OH&S - the term is pretty much here to stay. WHS still gets those blank stares, unless of course you say, ‘you know Occupational Health and Safety’. Besides, we don’t have WHS dot com dot AU as a website - we’re so it does pay to still say the recognised term!

Just to be upfront and let you know, we are not a RTO, but we’ve worked alongside plenty over the years. We also operate our store in New Zealand for those of you across the ditch! And soon to open in India.

So how can you use our online courses?

We like to be used as an online refresher or awareness course centre. For those who just don’t have the time to take “another day” out of your already ‘busy life’. This is you - previously did a face to face course, maybe nationally recognised, and now your workplace has told you to do it again Sam. You already work in the industry, and just need to brush up on the latest codes of practice, WHS / OHS legislation or current issues at hand. That’s where can help you.

Let’s give you an example. You’ve done RIIWHS204D Working Safely at Heights and you need to do a refresher. Do the course online and then couple that new Certificate of Completion refresher with your original Statement. That online refresher training course is based on the unit of competency learning outcomes but it excludes the practical element that you’ve already done (or are currently doing in our face to face daily work). Requirements do vary from workplace to workplace so if you are unsure about this, you can alway check back with the employer requesting it.

What types of refresher / awareness courses are on offer?

Well if there’s a refresher training requirement, we’re gonna offer it. Some example areas include:

  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Confined Space
  • Fatigue Management
  • HSR Training
  • IMDG Code Training
  • WHS Awareness Training
  • Working at Heights

We’ve also got loads of other things to train you on including:

  • HR Training
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Other stuff topical stuff in the works like Quad Bikes, Silica Awareness, Forklift Training etc

So can I do any health & safety course online?

Well it really just depends. If it’s a prescribed licence course you are doing for the first time that needs face to face training. Then you’ve answered your own question. Nope. But when you’ve done it already? Or just want some awareness or refreshment around the subject? Then unless it specifically says in legislation, their ain’t no reason why you can’t save $$$, time and hassle with our OHS courses online.

What about OHS training online for groups?

Now you’re talking. We offer some real you bewt, all you can eat deals for groups. $147 per person per year (with some minor course exclusions). So give us a holla if that might be of interest for your workplace on 1300 307 445 (or email us at

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