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Employers are required to ensure that workers have the necessary skills and resources to manage risks and hazards under the Work Health & Safety Act. provides occupational safety and health courses, including safety training courses, to meet these requirements via a number of Canberra based RTO's (registered training organisations).

WHS courses in Canberra provide the necessary training for workers. Dangerous fields such as construction, telecommunications, and manufacturing benefit from this training. The right knowledge helps workers to reduce the risk of injury to others and themselves, creating a safer workplace. offers WHS (Work Health & Safety) Training Courses in Canberra

AlertForce is an RTO registered training organisation that offers a wide range of WHS courses. These courses cover both work safety and health. The following courses are available in Canberra:

  1. Asbestos awareness training
  2. Safely work with asbestos-containing materials
  3. Enter and Work in Confined Space  
  4. Training for health and safety representatives (HSR).
  5. Training in manual handling
  6. Silica awareness training
  7. Training in traffic control
  8. Training to obtain the white card
  9. Training for working at heights

These courses have different requirements and learning outcomes. This is a brief overview of the safety training offered by AlertForce.

10675NAT Asbestos Awareness Training

Anyone who may have been exposed to asbestos at work can take Asbestos Awareness Training. It does not include asbestos removal or asbestos-related work. It's only meant to assist workers in identifying the materials.

10852NAT Safely Working with Asbestos Containing Materials

You may need to complete the more comprehensive 10852NAT if you plan to work with asbestos-containing material (ACMs). Asbestos awareness covers how to identify ACMs. 10559NAT covers correct procedures for dealing with asbestos exposure. This course is required for many occupations, such as electricians and gas fitters.

Training in Confined Spaces

To learn how to work in enclosed spaces, enrol in our confined space training. You are exposed to hazardous atmospheric conditions when you work in a tank or vault. Face-to-face training is a better way to avoid these risks.

HSR Training for Health and Safety Representatives

A Work Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) may be appointed by PCBUs starting in 2017. The WHSO fulfils many of the same functions as the HSR, such as notifying the PCBU regarding safety matters.

In some cases, safety officers can also be called upon to assist in responding to emergencies. Workers still have the option to elect safety and health representatives.

AlertForce's HSR training includes extensive instruction on the functions and powers of the HSR. The HSR, as outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, is elected to represent the workgroup's interests in safety and health matters. The HSR can also investigate safety complaints and monitor the PCBU's safety measures.

Manual Handling Training

Incorrect manual handling could increase workplace health issues in health care workers. This is also true for construction and warehouse workers. You will learn how to perform manual handling tasks correctly with our course.

10830NAT Silica Awareness Training

Silica exposure is more common in construction and home-renovation workers. Silicosis, a condition that can lead to serious health problems, may result from dust exposure. To reduce your exposure, take our silica awareness class.

Traffic Control Training

Our traffic control course teaches you how to stop/slow and direct motorists. Face-to-face training is provided by skilled instructors. They will provide the correct instructions to minimise risks while working on roads.

Training for the White Card

Our detailed white card training course is held in Canberra. It teaches you how to identify the most dangerous workplace hazards. Face-to-face learning is available during our one-day program. This will allow you to fulfill your state and national requirements for working on construction sites. This course is required for many courses in the construction industry.

Training at Heights

24 workers were killed in the 2018 accident in Australia. Falling from dangerous heights is a common cause of injuries in construction. You may be required to take our Working at Heights course if your job requires you to work from heights above two metres.

WHS Courses Canberra Requirements

Workers must provide identifying documents such as a photo ID and birth record in order to enrol in WHS courses at Canberra (ACT). Participants might also need to dress appropriately for the field they are working in.

Prerequisite courses are often included in many of these programs. Workers often complete white card training as their first course. The requirements for each course are different. Examine the requirements for the course to determine which programs you need for your job.

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AlertForce is the source for WHS management, training and assessment. Our years of experience in training workers in Canberra's construction and hospitality industries and throughout Australia is a testament to our ability to do so. We ensure that your compliance with WHS standards is maintained by our programs.

For WHS training Canberra, contact us to discuss your requirements