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Welcome to the Aged Care Quality Standards and related courses set of training courses (ACQS Training). These courses have been designed to introduce you to the Aged Care Quality Standards and is aimed at leaders, managers and other staff members responsible for the delivery of care and services to consumers receiving residential aged care and home care services.

In addition to completing this course, it is recommended that you refer to resources available from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’ website and Charter of Aged Care Rights, for further in-depth information.

The online learning is applicable to learners in residential aged care services, home services and flexible care services. This course is suitable for new and experienced carers.

The Aged Care Quality Standard Introduction course is a short course designed to give learners an overview of each Aged Care Quality Standard. Each Standard will be explored in further detail in individually available courses.

The following courses feature following Aged Care Quality Standards:

If you would like detailed training in any of the standards then we recommend that you subscribe to get all courses or you can purchase individually by asking us for a quote. They are $66 each or $177 for the entire library.