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Understanding Dementia: Person-Centred Care Training

Understanding Dementia: Person-Centred Care Training

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Understanding Dementia: Person-Centred Care is one of three dementia-specific online learning courses. These courses are designed specifically for the aged care sector.

This course is designed to train the learner in how to provide good person-centred care to people living with dementia. It also provides behavioural training in how to care for and support people living with dementia. 

OHS.com.au's dementia-focused ‘Person-Centred Care’ online learning course is a key part of aged care professional development. This course is designed to fit in with any organisation’s training mix. The course can be used as a part of the Understanding Dementia suite or as a standalone title. The course has a Further Resources sub-menu that can be used for professional development and those that want to take a deeper-dive into the subject.

This online learning course is designed to align with the Aged Care Quality Standards. It has been developed in collaboration with experts, including OHS.com.au clients working in the aged care sector, to ensure the course is fit-for-purpose.

They’re still the same person. They just live with dementia now.

Person-centred care is treating someone as a person first. It means providing care in a way that is specific to them by taking into account their unique wants, needs, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. 

This course advocates the principle that people with dementia do not lose their identity. This is supported by Kitwood’s dementia research and the ‘flower of emotional needs’.

The ‘Understanding Dementia: Person-Centred Care’ course is designed specifically for carers and other health professionals who provide care for a person/people living with dementia. 

The online learning is applicable to learners in residential aged care services, home services and flexible care services. This course is suitable for new and experienced carers.

This course provides aged care professionals with training in:

- What person-centred care is.

- The importance of practising person-centred care.

- What person-centred care might look like in practice.

- The importance of taking care of yourself.

You are required to get 80% in each module and the final quiz to pass. Once you have achieved this you are able to download your certificate.

Courses do not always work on iPads, phones and other devices. If you have difficulties, please do the course on a desktop computer. 


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Understanding Dementia: Person-Centred Care Training

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If you would like detailed training in any of these aged care standards then we recommend that you subscribe to get all courses or you can purchase individually or by asking us for a quote. They are $66 each or $177 for the entire library.

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