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Nationally Recgonised Traffic Control Training & Tickets - Mitchell, Canberra

  • $347.00

Welcome to Nationally Recgonised Traffic Control Training in Canberra.

About this course

Training Provider: AlertForce (RTO 91826)

Location: Unit 2, 42-44 Essington St Mitchell ACT 2911

(please note training locations for NSW Traffic Control take place in Queanbeyan)

Course length: 1-2 days plus .5 day practical

Time: 8am start

Accredited training courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement traffic plans, use stop/slow bats and place proper signage around the site. This training is required if you work in road management or civil construction.

What qualifications are required to become a traffic controller in Canberra?

You must complete the Canberra traffic control course to become a traffic controller. Prerequisites are also included in the courses. A valid driver's licence and a construction card (white card) are required.

Are you required to have a licence for traffic control in Canberra?

A licence is required to submit a temporary Traffic Management Plan. Temporary traffic control plans that affect pedestrians, motorists, or cyclists must be approved by the ACT.

This course is designed to teach workers in the infrastructure and resources industries how to use a slow/stop bat. The training does not only teach you how to use a bat for driving vehicles. The training also includes how to adjust traffic plans based on weather and road conditions.

These industries are more likely to need licencing for traffic control activities.

  • Transport and logistics
  • Gas industry
  • Distribution and rail sector
  • Land management and agriculture
  • Construction and plumbing

The assessment requirements for the course are also determined by the sector. Assessors who are involved in metalliferous mining require at least five years industry experience. Others may only need assessors with one-year experience.

How do I become a traffic controller in Canberra?

To become a traffic controller, you must first complete the training and get a Statement of Attainment.The training provider will organise this documentation to be delivered to the RMS in order that your traffic control tickets can be issued. Please note that there is a practical assessment required before you will be deemed competent.

To obtain a traffic controller license, you must be accredited. Accreditation is valid for three years. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). The regulations require that controllers complete a refresher course before their accreditation expires.

What is the Average Cost of the Traffic Control Course in ACT?

AlertForce's traffic control course is $347. There is no GST. The course is one-day long and begins at 8 a.m. and ends at around 4:30 p.m.

The RIIWHS302E course is $377. You can also take the combination course. This course includes training for the RIIWHS205E as well as the RIIWHS302E units. It costs only $697 per person. For $147 per person, we can arrange live site setups to meet NSW RMS requirements.

What are the training outcomes?

The training outcomes of RIIWHS205E Traffic Control with a Stop/Slow Bat include practical training in managing work zone traffic. RTOs must adhere to guidelines for training and assessment in order to provide nationally recognised training. This course covers the following topics.

  • Interpreting work instructions
  • Traffic plans analysis and implementation
  • The right tools and equipment
  • Signage and devices identification and implementation
  • Placing signs and barriers
  • To direct vehicle flow, use a stop/slow bat
  • Controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Traffic monitoring and conditions adjustment
  • Use clear hand signals to direct motorists
  • Using communication devices
  • Signs and devices removed
  • Clean up the site

Implementing work instructions and traffic plans is the first step. Supervisors who have successfully completed the RIIWHS302D course will create the plans before work begins.

You will need to be able to place signs and barriers during the assessment. Also, you will need to demonstrate your ability to use the stop/slow bat or hand signals to direct pedestrian and vehicle flows. To complete the assessment, instructors simulate real environments.

Knowledge-based assessment is about your understanding of different requirements. It is important that you are familiar with all safety legislation. You also need to know how to identify traffic control signs and barricades.

Different learning outcomes can be achieved with RIIWHS302E. This course focuses on traffic management planning. It is primarily intended for directors and supervisors. These topics cover the essential steps required to develop, implement, and monitor traffic plans.

Supervisors are also taught how to control traffic during clean-up. As they take down signs and devices, the work crew must be protected. The supervisor is responsible for maintaining safe conditions and ensuring that everyone follows traffic management plans.

RIIWHS205E does not have to be a requirement for every construction worker. This course is intended for road workers. It teaches you how to manage traffic flow and implement traffic control plans to ensure a safe working environment.

AlertForce are our training provider and can help you find approved training courses if your job involves work near public roads.