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Online training in Sydney for fire workplace wardens is an affordable way to prepare yourself for emergencies at work. Participants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to safely evacuate visitors and workers.

What is Fire Warden Training NSW?

Workplace emergency response personnel are called fire wardens. This role involves the development of evacuation plans, managing people's movements, and identifying hazards at work. Training fire wardens ensures that all key personnel are familiar with their duties and how they should be carried out.

Fire Warden Course Details 

Australian Standard 3745 is the standard for planning for emergency evacuations in facilities. AS 3745 was created in 2010 and has been updated several times. The following topics are covered:

  • Types of emergency situations
  • Human behavior during an emergency
  • Preparation and prevention for emergencies
  • Controlling workplace hazards
  • Different types of Australian fire protection systems
  • How to help others in an emergency

Participants learn about the role of a fire marshal before, during and after an emergency. Face-to-face training is offered at a Sydney training centre with qualified instructors (currently not available). The typical course lasts between four and five hours. Participants must pass an assessment after the course to prove their practical skills and knowledge. Alternatively online courses are available 24/7.

A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion of the assessment.  We recommend refresher classes every 2 years.

Who should complete Sydney's Fire Warden Training?

These emergency warden training courses are intended for workers assigned the role of a fire warden. Many organisations assign at least one warden for every 20 occupants in the facility. Group training is available to accommodate large businesses. 

These courses are for those who have been assigned to the fire warden role. Most organisations have at least one fire warden for every 20 people in their facility. Large businesses can benefit from group training.

Fire wardens have a lot of responsibilities. Wardens are responsible for helping to plan for emergencies and identify evacuation routes. They also need to be able to recognise hazards that could hinder evacuation.

Wardens control the movement of building occupants during an emergency. They assist people with disabilities and help to evacuate the building. Fire wardens evaluate the organization's evacuation efforts after an emergency and make suggestions for improving its emergency plans.

Some buildings do not require a fire marshal. This training can be beneficial for workplace safety. This training course will help to reduce the chance of an accident. They will be able to properly evacuate your team in an emergency, and coordinate with other responders to ensure that injured people receive prompt treatment.

What are the Fire Warden Training Regulations for Sydney based workers?

AS 3745 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities), is widely used, but it is not legally binding. WHS laws do require PCBUs, however, to have an emergency plan in place for every facility. AS 3745 is the most commonly used standard for creating these plans.

Work Health and Safety (WHS), regulations require that PCBUs maintain safe working environments. This may include developing safety procedures and enrolling employees in safety training. An emergency plan must be prepared according to regulation 43 of WHS regulations.

  • Evacuation procedures
  • Evacuation procedures
  • How to notify emergency services
  • Assistance and medical treatment
  • Communications for coordination of emergency response
  • Test of emergency procedures
  • Instruction, training, and safety information for all workers

These topics are taught to participants in fire warden training, which allows PCBUs maintain an emergency plan that is compliant with WHS laws and industry standards.

High-risk workers may need additional safety training in order to be able to adapt their emergency plans to their workplace. These are some examples of high-risk workplaces:

  • Constrained spaces in work environments
  • Asbestos-handling workplaces
  • Hazardous chemicals are stored in work places
  • Demolition work is performed at certain workplaces

These environments can present additional hazards, which should be taken into account when creating an emergency or evacuation plan. Your staff might also need to be trained as fire fighters, asbestos awareness trainers, or other pertinent courses.

WHS laws can be difficult to follow and result in severe penalties. Access to all training is essential for your staff and business.

Get affordable Sydney based fire-fighting courses

A wide variety of training providers offer fire warden courses in Sydney and throughout Australia. We only work with the most respected registered training organisations (RTOs) to ensure you get the best training. Please note not all training is Nationally Recognised though, is a leading provider of safety and health services with over 20 years experience. Safety training marketplace offers you face-to-face courses from fire fighters and safety training from trusted RTOs. Find fire warden training available today.