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Fire Warden Course Brisbane

Fire Warden Course Brisbane

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Prepare your fire wardens for workplace emergencies with affordable face-to-face fire warden courses in Brisbane. Participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to safely evacuate workers and visitors. 

What Is Fire Warden Training QLD?

Fire wardens are workers assigned to lead workplace emergency procedures. The duties involved in this role include developing evacuation plans, controlling the movement of people, and identifying workplace hazards. Fire warden training ensures that key personnel understand their duties and how to carry them out. 

Fire Warden Course Details 

Fire warden courses follow Australian Standard 3745, which is the accepted standard for planning and preparing for evacuations and emergencies in facilities. AS 3745 was developed in 2010 and has been revised several times. Topics covered include:

  • Types of emergency situations
  • Human behaviour during an emergency
  • Emergency preparation and prevention
  • Identifying and controlling workplace hazards
  • Types of Australian fire protection systems
  • How to assist others during an emergency

The course instructs participants on the fire warden’s role before, during, and after an emergency. The face-to-face course includes classroom learning and practical aspects held at a training facility in Brisbane with qualified instructors. The course typically lasts four to five hours. After the course, participants complete an assessment to demonstrate practical skills and knowledge. 

Successful completion of the assessment results in a certificate of completion. The certificate does not have an expiry date. However, we recommend refresher courses every two years. 

Who Should Complete Fire Warden Training in Brisbane?

These emergency warden training courses are intended for workers assigned the role of a fire warden. Many organisations assign at least one warden for every 20 occupants in the facility. Group training is available to accommodate large businesses. 

Acting as a fire warden is a serious responsibility that comes with a variety of duties. Wardens must assist with planning for emergencies, identifying evacuation routes, and identifying hazards that may interfere with evacuation. 

During an emergency, wardens are responsible for controlling the movement of building occupants. They help safely evacuate the facility and assist those with disabilities. After an emergency, fire wardens assess their evacuation efforts and find ways to improve the organisation’s emergency plans.

Not all buildings require a fire warden. However, allowing one or more members of your team to complete this safety training can help improve workplace safety. Individuals who complete this training course can help reduce the risk of accidents. They can properly evacuate your team during an emergency and coordinate with responders to ensure that injured individuals receive treatment swiftly. 

What Are the Fire Warden Training Regulations in Brisbane?

AS 3745 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities) is widely followed but is not legally binding. However, WHS laws require PCBUs to maintain an emergency plan for each facility. AS 3745 is the standard that is most often used for developing those plans. 

Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations require PCBUs to maintain reasonably safe work environments, which may involve developing safety procedures and enrolling staff in safety training. Under regulation 43 of the WHS regulations, an emergency plan must provide for the following:

  • Emergency procedures 
  • Evacuation procedures
  • How to notify emergency services
  • Medical treatment and assistance
  • Communication for coordinating the emergency response
  • Testing of the emergency procedures
  • Safety training, instruction, and information for relevant workers

Fire warden training instructs participants on these topics, allowing PCBUs to maintain an emergency plan that complies with industry standards and WHS laws.

Staff at high-risk workplaces may require additional safety training to adapt their emergency plans for their work environments. Examples of higher-risk workplaces include:

  • Workplaces with confined spaces
  • Workplaces that handle asbestos
  • Workplaces that store hazardous chemicals
  • Workplaces that carry out demolition work

These environments include additional hazards that require special consideration when developing an evacuation or emergency plan. Along with fire warden courses, your staff may need confined spaces training, asbestos awareness training, or other relevant courses.

Failure to comply with WHS laws results in steep penalties and increases the risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace. To protect your business and staff, make sure you provide access to all necessary training.

Find Affordable Fire Warden Courses in Brisbane

Fire warden courses are available from a wide range of training providers throughout Brisbane and the rest of Australia. To ensure that you receive the best training, we only work with the leading registered training organisations (RTOs). has over two decades of experience in the health and safety field. Our safety training marketplace gives you access to face-to-face fire warden courses and additional safety training from trusted RTOs. Browse for available fire warden training today.