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Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Melbourne

Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Melbourne

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Prepare for a career in WHS management with Cert IV WHS training. Our face-to-face training covers the requirements for Certificate IV in work health and safety. Sign up today.

What Is Cert IV WHS (OHS) Training Melbourne?

Certification IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS) is a qualification that demonstrates your knowledge of WHS laws and safe work practices in the state of Victoria. It helps you develop the knowledge and leadership skills needed to implement and monitor WHS practices.

The training program includes ten separate courses, including five core classes and five electives. The electives may vary in some regions. However, the typical range of courses needed to meet the minimum requirement for the Cert IV qualification include:

  • Assist with WHS compliance (BSBWHS412)
  • Contribute to the implementation of WHS consultation (BSBWHS413)
  • Contribute to the implementation of WHS management systems (BSBWHS414)
  • Contribute to WHS risk management (BSBWHS415)
  • Contribute to workplace incident response (BSBWHS416)
  • Analyse and present research information (BSBRES411)
  • Assist with WHS compliance of contractors (BSBWHS418)
  • Implement and monitor WHS policies and procedures (BSBWHS401)
  • Demonstrate leadership skills (BSBLDR411)
  • Write complex documents (BSBWRT401)

The extensive training and assessment process involves face-to-face training at our training facility with a qualified trainer. The assessment requirements include assessing your knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, which may require you to have access to a workplace. If you are not currently employed, other arrangements may be possible.

The Cert IV WHS courses are offered at a training facility in Melbourne and are led by trainers with years of experience. After meeting the certification requirements, you may complete the final unit of competency to earn the diploma of work health and safety.

Who Should Attend WHS Courses Melbourne?

Certificate IV training is recommended as a form of professional development for anyone who wants to pursue WHS positions or contribute more to the implementation of WHS laws in the workplace. Health and safety representatives (HSRs) and safety officers may want to explore WHS careers. Examples include contractors, coordinators, and consultants.

Completing the training program provides a better understanding of WHS responsibilities. The confidence and knowledge that you gain may further your career and lead to more opportunities in your chosen industry.

Learning Outcomes for Cert IV WHS Course Melbourne

The goal of Cert IV training is to help create safer work environments. According to Safe Work Australia, 3751 workers were fatally injured between 2003 and 2018. Proper training and implementation of WHS practices reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The training program is comprehensive and requires the completion of ten separate units of competencies. Due to the variety of training sessions, our program covers a diverse range of safety topics. Here is a closer look at the primary learning outcomes for the program:

  • How to comply with WHS regulations and laws
  • An understanding of WHS consultation and participation processes
  • How to assist with health and safety incident responses and investigations
  • How to implement risk management processes
  • The steps involved in monitoring WHS processes
  • WHS compliance for contractors

The Cert IV in WHS allows individuals to demonstrate their competence in work health and safety matters. You gain broad industry knowledge for implementing WHS practices. After completing the program, you will meet the minimum requirement for becoming a WHS professional. You may find job positions that require you to assess and improve existing WHS processes.

The training may last up to 12 months, depending on whether you take a break between courses. Training and assessment for cert IV in WHS include 450 hours of group-based learning and assessments for each unit of competency.

What Are the Prerequisites for Cert IV WHS Training Melbourne?

The face-to-face Cert IV training courses at OHS.com.au do not have prerequisite courses. However, you must complete the five core courses in a specific order. You also need to have adequate literacy and language skills, along with a valid photo ID.

Sign up for a Cert IV WHS (OHS) Course in Melbourne Today

Cert IV training requires the completion of 10 accredited courses (units of competency). View our training calendar to get started on your path to a diploma in WHS. At OHS.com.au, we offer a variety of occupational health and safety courses in Melbourne, including the complete range of courses needed for Cert IV qualification.

We are a leading safety training organisation with courses available throughout Australia, including Melbourne. All courses are instructed by a qualified trainer and are based on nationally recognised units of competency. Sign up for upcoming courses today or contact our team for additional information.