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Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV WHS Darwin

Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV WHS Darwin

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The health and safety of workers should be a priority for every organization. Qualifying for a Certificate IV in work health and safety prepares you to take on a greater role in WHS matters. After obtaining this certification, you may receive greater responsibilities or more job opportunities, such as working as a WHS contractor.

What Is Cert IV WHS in Darwin?

Certificate IV in work health and safety (WHS) verifies an individual’s knowledge of WHS regulations and how to manage WHS practices in the workplace. Businesses working in the Northern Territory must comply with specific laws and regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Our face-to-face training program gives a thorough education in these laws.

Obtaining the cert IV WHS qualification requires the completion of ten courses, including five core courses and five electives.

The certification process includes the following five core units of competency:

  • Assist with workplace WHS compliance (BSBWHS412)
  • Contribute to WHS consultation and participation processes (BSBWHS413)
  • Contribute to WHS risk management (BSBWHS414)
  • Contribute to WHS management systems (BSBWHS415)
  • Contribute to workplace incident response (BSBWHS416)

Along with the core courses, you must complete the following five electives:

  • Analyse and present research information (BSBWHS401)
  • Assist with managing WHS compliance of contractors (BSBWHS418)
  • Write complex documents (BSBWRT411)
  • Demonstrate leadership (BSBLDR411)
  • Implement and monitor WHS policies (BSBWHS411)

Students must complete an assessment for each unit of competency. The assessment requirements include the need for access to a workplace. Some of the assessments involve practical demonstrations in a workplace setting.

Who Should Complete Cert 4 WHS Training?

Cert 4 WHS (OHS) training is designed for those in WHS roles and those who wish to take on WHS roles, such as WHS safety officer or WHS coordinator. It is considered the minimum requirement for WHS managers, consultants, and other health and safety positions.

Health and safety representatives (HSRs) and deputy HSRs also attend these training programs to further their careers. Certificate IV training covers a broad range of health and safety practices that can be implemented in almost any workplace setting.

What Are the Learning Outcomes for Cert IV in WHS Training?

The Cert IV training courses prepare you to help maintain safer workplaces. You gain a thorough education in WHS laws and regulations and how to implement safety procedures. After the completion of the program, you should know how to ensure that WHS laws are followed correctly.

182 Australian workers died due to workplace accidents in 2020. WHS training helps reduce the risk of accidents. However, safety procedures are not always implemented properly, which is why WHS coordinators and other WHS professionals are needed.

The Cert IV training program includes multiple courses with a long list of learning outcomes. Several of the main topics explored include:

  • Complying with WHS laws and regulations
  • Understanding WHS consultation and participation processes
  • Understanding recommended risk management processes
  • Ensuring that contractors comply with WHS regulations
  • Monitoring workplace WHS processes 
  • Assisting with the development of health and safety practices
  • Assisting with safety incident investigations

The WHS courses teach you how to follow WHS regulations and create a safer work environment. The goal of the program is to prepare you for a WHS role. WHS positions often involve assessing and improving safety practices to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Cert IV WH&S Training Prerequisites and Duration

Cert IV WHS training does not include any prerequisite courses. Students need to possess valid photo identification and understand how to read and write English. Pre-course materials are made available after signing up for a unit of competency.

The training and assessment process typically takes about 12 months and includes up to 450 total hours of instruction and practical training. Each work health and safety course requires 30 to 60 hours of training. However, the timeframe also depends on availability.

How to obtain for Your Cert IV Work Health and Safety Qualification

OHS.com.au includes all courses needed to meet your certification requirements. Along with Cert IV training, we offer a wide range of courses, including RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights (now RIIWHS204E) and White Card Training. Completing WHS courses enhances your safety skills and knowledge, allowing you to help prevent workplace accidents and further your career.

At OHS.com.au, we have provided WHS training with registered training organizations (RTO’s) for the past 20 years. We are a trusted source for group-based learning. Each course is overseen by a qualified trainer with extensive experience. You can also depend on us for competitive pricing, ensuring that you receive the best value. View our training calendar to find the right date and contact us to start your training.