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Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Canberra

Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Canberra

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Are you interested in professional development? Consider obtaining a Cert IV diploma in Work Health and Safety (WHS). Certificate IV training develops your knowledge of WHS laws and regulations, allowing you to protect workers from common hazards and risks. Explore our face-to-face WHS courses to obtain your Cert IV in WHS.

What Is the Cert IV in Work Health and Safety in Canberra?

Cert IV training is a comprehensive program that includes ten separate courses. At OHS.com.au, we offer face-to-face training with a qualified trainer, which tends to increase the retention of information compared to online learning.

Our training program includes all courses needed to meet the minimum requirement for the Cert IV qualification, including:

  • BSBWHS412 (Assisting with WHS compliance)
  • BSBWHS413 (Contribute to the implementation and maintenance of WHS processes)
  • BSBWHS414 (Contribute to the implementation of WHS management systems)
  • BSBWHS415 (Contribute to WHS risk management)
  • BSBWHS416 (Contribute to workplace incident response)

The five electives include courses in analyzing and presenting research information, assisting with WHS compliance for contractors, and implementing WHS policies. Additional electives may include training courses on making presentations, developing leadership skills, or writing complex documents.

The ten accredited courses cover the model WHS laws implemented by Safe Work Australia. Gaining a better understanding of WHS laws and recommended codes of practice helps ensure a safer work environment.

The program includes training and assessment. Students are assessed after the completion of each unit of competency. Due to assessment requirements, we recommend that you have access to a workplace before attending. Several of the assessments require the use of a work environment. After successful completion of the program, you receive Certificate IV in WHS.

Who Should Attend the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Program?

Our Cert IV training program is designed for people who are working or wish to work in WHS roles, such as WHS coordinators, contractors, facilitators, and advisors. Health and safety representatives (HSRs) and other individuals who want to contribute to a safer work environment also benefit from the program.

Many people complete Cert IV WHS training courses as part of their professional development. You learn new skills and gain the confidence needed to apply WHS laws and regulations in the workplace.

What Are the Learning Outcomes for the Cert IV WHS Training Program?

Cert 4 OHS (WHS) training covers broad industry knowledge related to health and safety practices. Workplace hazards continue to claim lives each year. According to Safe Work Australia, 34 Australian workers died within the first six months of 2021. Individuals who complete the Cert 4 in WHS training are better equipped to implement safe work practices.

The training program includes ten units of competency that cover a wide range of topics. Some of the main learning outcomes include:

  • Complying with all applicable WHS regulations and laws
  • Understanding the WHS consultation and participation processes
  • Applying risk management practices to minimize health risks
  • Implementing and monitoring WHS processes in the workplace
  • Assisting with workplace safety incident responses and investigations

Our Cert IV WHS courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education in WHS laws and how to follow them. By the completion of the program, you should have the qualifications needed to work in a WHS role. As a WHS contractor or consultant, you will need to identify hazards, reduce health risks, and implement WHS management plans to keep workers safe.

Cert IV WHS Prerequisites and Duration in Canberra

You do not need to complete any units of competency before enrolling in the Cert IV WHS courses. Students must be at least 15 years of age and possess valid identification. You also need to have a sufficient understanding of the English language.

Each work health and safety course includes between 30 and 60 hours of face-to-face training with a qualified trainer. The ten accredited courses needed for the Cert IV qualification include about 450 total hours of safety training and assessment. Completing all training and assessment requirements may take 12 months, depending on the course schedule and availability.

How to Complete Your Cert IV Work Health and Safety Certification

Obtaining certificate IV in WHS requires the completion of the training for ten separate units of competency. OHS.com.au is a leading safety training organization. We offer all required courses for the Cert IV qualification.

We began offering safety training in 1999. Our selection of courses includes face-to-face training in Canberra and other parts of Australia. Sign up for Cert IV training or explore our additional WHS training courses. Review our training calendar to check availability or contact us for additional information.