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Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Brisbane

Face-to-Face Courses Cert IV in WHS Brisbane

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Obtain the Cert IV WHS in Brisbane to advance your career. A Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety showcases that you have the skills needed to apply WHS practices and help make your workplace a safer place.

What Is the Brisbane  Cert IV in Work Health & Safety 5-Day Course?

Our Cert IV WHS Brisbane program is designed to provide broad industry knowledge related to work health and safety (WHS) laws and regulations. Queensland’s work health and safety framework include specific codes of practice and WHS regulations. Students learn how to follow WHS codes of practice and implement WHS management plans.

Obtaining a cert IV in  WHS in Brisbane requires the completion of ten accredited courses (units of competency). The range of courses is divided between five core courses and five elective courses.

The core courses include:

  • BSBWHS412: Assisting with WHS compliance
  • BSBWHS413: WHS consultation and participation processes
  • BSBWHS414: WHS risk management procedures
  • BSBWHS415: WHS management systems
  • BSBWHS416: Workplace incident response

The five elective units of competency needed for Cert IV training include:

  • BSBINS401: Analysing and presenting research information
  • BSBWHS418: Compliance of WHS contractors
  • BSBLDR411: Demonstrate leadership skills
  • BSBWRT411: Writing complex documents
  • BSBWHS411: Implementing WHS policies and procedures

The training program includes five days of face-to-face training each week and up to 450 total hours of instruction. The assessment requirements include the need for a workplace setting.

After successful completion of the training and assessment requirements, students receive their certification IV qualification in WHS. At the end of the program, students may earn the diploma of work health and safety in Brisbane.

Who Should Attend the Cert IV in WHS Training Brisbane?

Cert IV workplace health and safety courses in Brisbane are often completed by health and safety representatives (HSRs) and others involved in WHS implementation in the workplace. You may use the skills gained through our training to take on more responsibility in your current role or seek a new career in WHS consultation.

Earning a diploma in WHS leads to greater professional development, as it expands your career opportunities. Our program is the minimum requirement for many WHS roles, including WHS coordinators, consultants, and contractors.

What Does the Cert IV in WHS Courses in Brisbane Cover?

The WHS courses prepare students to obtain a diploma of work health and safety in Brisbane. Annual workplace fatalities in Queensland increased over the past few years. Greater knowledge of WHS laws can help reduce this trend.

Each WHS / OHS course in Brisbane covers a wide range of topics related to WHS legislation and safety practices. Some of the main topics include:

  • Understanding how to comply with WHS laws and regulations
  • WHS consultation and participation processes
  • Risk management codes of practice for minimising risks
  • Ensuring that contractors comply with all applicable WHS laws
  • Monitoring WHS processes and reporting WHS violations
  • Assisting with health and safety incident investigations

You learn how to comply with WHS laws, identify hazards, and manage risks. Students also explore Australian standards, incident response procedures, and how to establish WHS measures. WHS professionals are responsible for ensuring that companies follow health and safety laws. After completing our program, you will have the knowledge needed to communicate all safety requirements in a workplace setting.

Each WHS course in Brisbane takes between 30 and 60 hours to complete. The group-based learning environment includes a combination of practical training and classroom instruction. For most individuals, the training and assessment process lasts about 12 months.

Are There Any Prerequisites for WHS / OHS Training in Brisbane?

There are no formal prerequisites for our Cert IV (previously know as the Cert IV in OHS) training in Brisbane. You do not need to complete any other units of competency. However, you must possess adequate English language and literary skills. 

We also recommend that participants possess basic computer literacy skills. You will spend time using computer equipment to research procedures and complete assessments. After enrolling in a course, you receive all necessary pre-course materials to begin studying.

Enrol in Face-to-Face Cert IV in WHS Training Today

To obtain certificate IV in work health and safety (WHS), you need to complete a wide range of courses. We make it easier to meet the certification requirements by providing convenient face-to-face training in Brisbane.

OHS.com.au offers a wide range of WHS training courses. For the past 20 years, we have helped train Australians on proper WHS procedures. Our Cert IV training is offered in-person at our training facility. To find the date of the next WHS course in Brisbane, check out our training calendar. For additional questions, contact the leading safety training experts at OHS.com.au.