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Understanding dementia training

Understanding Dementia - Person Centred Care (Competency Training) - 50 min

  • $88.00

Welcome to the Person Centred Care course of the Understanding Dementia series. This course has been designed to help you provide person centred care that is tailored to the individual needs of people suffering from dementia. 

The care plan is the most important document in relation to person centred care. To appropriately implement the care plan you must be familiar with and understand:

  • the purpose and function of the care plan
  • the needs and wants of the person, and
  • how the care plan is used to help provide quality person centred care.

You can contribute to care planning by providing all the information you know about the person’s abilities, routines and preferences, their behaviours and what triggers them.

You can assist with monitoring the care plan by providing information like:

  • if activities are completed as set out in the care plan
  • if the person appears healthy and happy
  • if they don’t seem to be enjoying any activity
  • ensuring all behaviour triggers are identified, and
  • reporting back on behaviour strategies – what worked and what didn’t.

Course overview

This course, Person Centred Care (PCC), will cover:

  • the work of Professor Tom Kitwood and the origins of PCC
  • the problems with traditional ways of providing dementia care
  • the four key elements of PCC, and
  • positive steps towards implementing PCC.

A Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion of the course and you are required to get an 80% pass mark to be deemed as understanding the content. It is recommended that training is conducted every 2 years to stay refreshed.