SA Work Health & Safety (WHS) Training Course Online –
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South Australian Work Health and Safety Course Online (Awareness Training)

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Welcome to the South Australian Work Health and Safety Legislation course. This course has been developed to provide managers and supervisors with an introduction to some of the key requirements of the model work health and safety legislation.

This course is intended to provide an overview of the model Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA), the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 and the SafeWork Australia Codes of Practice.

During the course, we'll be looking at:

  • key terms in the legislation
  • key changes in the legislation
  • the duties associated with particular roles in the workplace
  • how the legislation is enforced, and
  • strategies for managing workplace health and safety to help meet the requirements of legislation.

Activities and quizzes appear throughout the course and must be successfully completed to pass the course.

Legal advice

This course has been reviewed by a recognised subject matter expert.

It has been designed to comply with best practice national health and safety standards.

This training is not a substitute for professional legal advice. If you require further advice or information, please contact the health and safety regulator in your jurisdiction.

State specific legislation 

As the harmonised legislation is adopted across states and territories, specific laws are enacted to mirror the model. This means that the legislation in some jurisdictions may be slightly different to the model legislation.

Jurisdictions who implemented the harmonised approach on the 1st of January 2012 include:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Commonwealth
  • Northern Territory, and
  • Australian Capital Territory.

South Australia and Tasmania also implemented the harmonised approach on the 1st of January 2013.

    A Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion of the course and you are required to get an 80% pass mark to be deemed as understanding the content. It is recommended that training is conducted every 2 years to stay refreshed.

    Run time 65 minutes