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Nationally Recognised Asbestos Removal Training - Welshpool, Perth

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Welcome to the 10675NAT 10830NAT Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention (Silica Awareness Training) Nationally Recognised Training in Canberra.

About this course

Training Provider: AlertForce (RTO 91826)

Location: 300-310 Treasure Road Welshpool WA 6106

(or onsite by request)

Course length: 1 day

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Asbestos fibres can increase the risk of developing lung cancer, and other health problems. It was banned by the Australian government decades ago. It can still be found in many construction materials.

To work safely, workers in areas that involve exposure to hazardous materials may need to take awareness training. This is all you need to know about these training courses.

Are You Required to Have a Permit for Asbestos Removal?

A licence may be required to safely remove asbestos-containing materials, depending on their type and quantity.

You will need a license in Western Australia to remove any amount of friable material. A licence is required if you are removing non-friable material that exceeds 10 metres.

Workers do not require licences if the non-friable material is less than 10 metres in size. Employers have a duty to ensure that workers are safe at work.

For less than 10 square meters of non-friable material, a licence is not necessary. However, training ensures compliance to the OHS Act recommendations.

Worksafe WA recognises two types licences: the unrestricted license and the restricted asbestos removal licence. The restricted license is for the removal of more than 10 meters of non-friable materials. The unrestricted license is for materials less than 10 metres in size.

If their work is not involving the removal of asbestos, tradespeople and other workers who visit work sites with asbestos are not required to have licenses. SafeWork Australia suggests that individuals receive online awareness training in order to avoid being exposed.

You may also need a license to supervise the removal or conduct an asbestos assessment.

These courses are designed to protect workers' health and safety by minimizing exposure to asbestosis-causing fibres. SafeWork Australia states that the symptoms may not manifest for up to 20 years after an initial exposure.

How do you get an asbestos removal licence in Perth?

You will need to complete the Asbestos Removal Course Perth by an approved training organization (RTO), such as AlertForce, in order to obtain a license.

The type of asbestos you encounter will determine the licence you need. There are two types of asbestos: friable and nonfriable.
The risk of being exposed to friable materials is increased by the easy disintegration into powder. Products made with asbestos are non-friable materials.

RTOs offer two courses for the removal of these materials. The Class A course can be used to remove friable materials, while the Class B course can be used to remove non-friable material.

After you have completed the required course(s), you will take a formal exam and complete an assessment. A Statement of Attainment is issued to you indicating that this unit of competency has been completed. The Statement of Attainment has no expiry but it is best to refresh the information. Retake the program two to three years prior.

What are the levels of training available for Asbestos Removal Training Perth

Five different training courses are offered by training organizations:

  • Online awareness training
  • Remove non-friable asbestos (Class B) (CPCCDE3014)
  • Removing friable materials (Class B) (CPCCDE3015).
  • Supervise asbestos removal (CPCCDE4008)
  • CPCCDE5001 Conduct Air Monitoring and Clearance Inspections for Asbestos Removal

Online awareness training does NOT cover the requirements to obtain a removal license. These courses are designed to provide tradespeople with an overview of how to identify the material and minimize exposure. The Class A or B training course may be required for some workers.

Employees in the construction industry often have to remove non-friable asbestos-containing material . Vinyl floor tiles and cement products are examples of asbestos-containing products. These materials can be safely removed by workers who complete the Class-B program.

You can reduce friable asbestos to powder. This increases the chance of releasing harmful fibres into your air. Workers must complete the Class A program in order to remove these materials. Workers who obtain the Class A license often complete both of these programs.

The supervisor class (CPCCDE4008) covers those who have to plan for the removal of material. This class is typically used by supervisors to oversee and support workers involved with the removal process.

Supervisor classes cover the planning and preparation of the worksite. This class also covers decontamination and removal.

For those who are interested in obtaining assessor licenses, the conduct an assessment class ( CPCCDE5001 previously CPCCB5014A), is required. This course covers all the steps required to collect site measurements and complete the monitoring process.

How Much Does Asbestos Removal Training Perth Cost?

Training costs vary depending on what training is being done. AlertForce's Class B course is $297 and includes no GST. The course on supervise removal costs $297. Both the Class A course as well as the assessment program cost $844.

The average cost of the online course is $66. Companies may enrol up to five employees for free, with no application fees.

What is the average length of training in Perth?

The type of training will also affect the length of the training. Both the Class B and supervise removal programs are one-day classes. The program is completed in one day by the attendees.

Workers receive two days of training with the Class A or assessment classes. The training and assessment times will vary depending on the experience of the workers and the class size.

Register today for the necessary awareness or removal courses if you or your staff require a licence.