Medical Training Subscription (30+ courses) –

Medical Training Subscription (30+ courses)

  • $167.00

Medical Training courses include:

Assist Clients with Medication
Basic Life Support
Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers
Health Services Induction
Identifying, Reporting and Responding to the Abuse of Older People in Care
Incontinence Suite - 01 Introduction to Personalised Incontinence Care
Incontinence Suite - 02 Leakage Prevention
Incontinence Suite - 03 Perineal Skin Care in Relation to Incontinence
Incontinence Suite - 04 Incontinence Night Care
Incontinence Suite - 05 Pad Changing and Change Frequency
Incontinence Suite - 06 Individual Assessment and Product Selection
Incontinence Suite - 07 Dementia and Incontinence
Incontinence Suite - 08 Bowel Management
Infection Prevention and Control - Standard Precautions
Infection Prevention and Control - The Basics
Infection Prevention and Control - Transmission Based Precautions
Manual Tasks in Aged Care
Medication Calculations Competency
Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation
Safe Medication Management
Understanding Dementia 1 - Introduction to Dementia
Understanding Dementia 2 - Person Centred Care
Understanding Dementia 3 - Communication Skills
Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation
Understanding Dementia 5 - Changed Behaviours
Workplace Violence and Aggression in Healthcare