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Entire Library Training Course Subscription (100+ courses online)

  • $177.00

Courses include (but not limited to)

- Human Resources Training

- Health and Safety Training

- Medical related Training Courses

How to Behave at Christmas Party
Modern Slavery
Positive Workplace Culture
Protecting Whistleblowers
Working From Home
Anti Money Laundering
Bullying and Harassment for Employees
Bullying and Harassment for Managers and Supervisors
Competition and Consumer Law - An Introduction
Competition and Consumer Law - Dealing with Consumers Part 1
Competition and Consumer Law - Dealing with Consumers Part 2
Competition and Consumer Law - Dealing with Other Businesses
Dealing with Workplace Conflict
Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees
Equal Employment Opportunity for Managers and Supervisors
Fraud and Corruption Awareness and Prevention
Identifying Poor Performance, Misconduct and Absenteeism
Information and Cyber-Security
Managing the Discipline Process
Privacy and the Workplace
Sexual Harassment
Social and Digital Media and the Workplace
Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities
Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods (Vic & WA) Hazard Guide
Risk Management
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Armed Robbery Safety Awareness
Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace
Biological Hazards Hazard Guide
Confined Spaces Hazard Guide
Contractor Induction
Driver Safety
Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors
Duty of Care for Victorian Employees
Duty of Care for Victorian Managers and Supervisors
Duty of Care for Workers
Electrical Risks Hazard Guide
Excavations Hazard Guide
Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training
General Evacuation Training
Globally Harmonised System
Hand Operated Power Tools Hazard Guide
Hazardous Chemicals for Managers and Supervisors
Hazardous Chemicals Hazard Guide
Incident Investigation
Injury Management for Managers and Supervisors
Injury Management for Workers
Manual Handling Hazard Guide
Manual Handling Victoria
Manual Tasks for Workers
Mental Health in the Workplace
Minimising Risk Using Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Guide
Noise Hazard Guide
Occupational Health and Safety Fundamentals
Office Ergonomics
Risk Management for Managers and Supervisors
Slips and Trips Hazard Guide
South Australian Work Health and Safety Legislation
Stress Less at Work
Underground Utilities Hazard Guide
Warden Training
Work Health and Safety Fundamentals
Work Health and Safety Harmonisation
Working at Heights Hazard Guide
Working Safely with Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace
Assist Clients with Medication
Basic Life Support
Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers
Health Services Induction
Identifying, Reporting and Responding to the Abuse of Older People in Care
Incontinence Suite - 01 Introduction to Personalised Incontinence Care
Incontinence Suite - 02 Leakage Prevention
Incontinence Suite - 03 Perineal Skin Care in Relation to Incontinence
Incontinence Suite - 04 Incontinence Night Care
Incontinence Suite - 05 Pad Changing and Change Frequency
Incontinence Suite - 06 Individual Assessment and Product Selection
Incontinence Suite - 07 Dementia and Incontinence
Incontinence Suite - 08 Bowel Management
Infection Prevention and Control - Standard Precautions
Infection Prevention and Control - The Basics
Infection Prevention and Control - Transmission Based Precautions
Manual Tasks in Aged Care
Medication Calculations Competency
Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation
Safe Medication Management
Understanding Dementia 1 - Introduction to Dementia
Understanding Dementia 2 - Person Centred Care
Understanding Dementia 3 - Communication Skills
Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation
Understanding Dementia 5 - Changed Behaviours
Workplace Violence and Aggression in Healthcare