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First Aid Courses Mackay

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Develop life-saving skills for responding to a variety of medical emergency situations. is your source for first aid and CPR safety training in Mackay. View the course schedules from some of the leading first aid training centres and book today to get the best prices.

Find the Best First Aid Courses Mackay

Whether you need first aid courses for work or personal development, we have a wide selection of options. We provide access to quality training and a long list of class times to fit your schedule.

Some of the most popular training courses include:

  • Provide first aid: HLTAID011
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): HLTAID009
  • Basic emergency life support courses: HLTAID010
  • Provide first aid in a care or education setting: HLTAID012

All units of competency are nationally recognised and follow Australian standards for training requirements. The content of the course is based on principles and recommendations developed by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC), industry groups, and state or national regulators.

What Are the Learning Outcomes for a First Aid Course, Mackay?

A basic first aid course prepares you for a wide range of situations where immediate medical assistance is required, such as anaphylactic emergencies and cardiac conditions. Each first aid unit of competency complies with regulatory requirements for administering first aid.

The primary topics in a first aid course include:

  • Assessing first aid situations
  • Ensuring the safety of the casualty and bystanders
  • Recognising the need for first aid response
  • Seeking assistance from professional emergency services
  • Using first aid equipment, such as external defibrillators
  • Reporting details of an emergency incident
  • Reviewing the response provided during an emergency

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is included in the Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) and Provide First Aid in an Education & Care Setting (HLTAID012) courses. You also learn basic life support skills for responding to various medical conditions and situations, including how to deal with someone suffering from an asthma attack, choking, nosebleed, anaphylaxis, and bleeding.

After the training session, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and skills by completing several assessments. The assessments include a simulation of a first aid incident.

Who Needs First Aid Training, Mackay?

An occupational first aid course is a required step for a variety of occupations, especially in the medical and childcare industries. If you want to work in childcare, you likely need to know CPR and basic first aid skills. First aid training is also completed by workers in almost every industry.

First aid training ensures that workers have access to immediate care during a medical emergency. The average response time for emergency services in Queensland is about 16 minutes. As every minute matters, first aid skills are an important part of workplace safety.

Under the WHS Act, businesses are required to provide access to first aid services and supplies. For example, every workplace needs to have a certain number of workers complete first aid training. The basic rule is to train at least one worker for every 50 workers in a low-risk setting, 25 workers in a high-risk setting, and 10 workers in a low-risk setting.

The legal responsibilities and safety recommendations for first aid are outlined in the First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice. Along with ensuring that an adequate number of workers know first aid emergency procedures, businesses need to provide access to first aid equipment and resources. These details are discussed during a basic first aid course.

Duration and Prerequisites for First Aid and CPR Training Mackay

Face-to-face course durations vary depending on class size. You can expect the typical first aid training program to last about eight hours. CPR training courses are often half-day courses.

First aid and CPR courses do not have prerequisite training. You do not need to complete any other courses before completing a first aid unit of competency.

Refresher Training for a CPR or First Aid Certificate in Mackay

Current industry standards call for refresher training each year for CPR courses. You should retake first aid training every three years. Refresher training keeps you updated on the newest first aid principles and practices.

Where to Find First Aid and CPR Courses in Mackay

If you want quality training in Mackay, we have you covered. has worked in the training industry since 2006. We work with a selection of the top registered training organisations (RTOs) in Mackay, Queensland.

Choose from a variety of face-to-face courses and class times to find the training program that suits your specific needs. You can also contact us if you need help arranging training for your staff. Call now or book your course today.