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First Aid Courses Hervey Bay

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Find the best face-to-face first aid courses in Hervey Bay on We work with the top first aid trainers in the region to give you access to quality courses at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of courses, including basic first aid and CPR.

Receive Quality Training with First Aid Courses in Hervey Bay

First aid training and CPR training are designed to prepare individuals to provide an emergency response when someone suffers from a medical issue or injury. As first aid is a matter of life and death, it is important to choose the best training courses.

Common first aid courses include:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training
  • Basic first aid training
  • Basic emergency life support
  • First aid for education and care settings
  • Mental health first aid

The training is developed in line with guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Each unit of competency is nationally recognised and offered by professional first aid trainers. All courses are offered face-to-face at training centres in Hervey Bay. You receive expert training, low prices, and flexible options to suit your specific needs.

What Can You Expect From a First Aid Course, Hervey Bay?

Each first aid course provides training for handling medical emergencies. You learn what to do when an emergency situation occurs. A basic first aid course covers the following life-saving skills:

  • How to recognise and assess emergency situations
  • Recognising the need for an immediate first aid response
  • How and when to seek assistance from emergency services
  • How to keep a casualty’s condition from worsening
  • Reporting details of an emergency incident in line with workplace procedures
  • Contributing to a review of the first aid response

According to the Queensland Ambulance Service, the goal of first aid is to preserve life and protect unconscious individuals. First aiders also learn to prevent the casualty’s condition from becoming worse.

The training also covers basic knowledge and theoretical aspects of administering first aid. Participants are tested on their ability to perform specific tasks, such as performing CPR on a manikin and following the prompts of an automated external defibrillator (AED). After the successful completion of the unit of competency, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Who Needs a First Aid Certificate in Hervey Bay?

First aid and CPR certification are typically required for health professionals and those that work in childcare. Yet, people from all industries take first aid courses. Every business in Hervey Bay and the rest of Queensland has legal responsibilities related to providing first aid.

Employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace as much as practically possible. This includes making sure that the workplace has first aid equipment, first aid facilities, and workers who possess basic life support and CPR skills.

Individuals who complete first aid training are referred to as first aiders. The number of trained first aiders that a business needs depends on the number, location, and composition of the people in the workplace:

  • High-risk workplace: 1/25 workers should complete first aid training
  • Remote high-risk workplace: 1/10 workers should complete first aid training
  • Low-risk workplace: 1/50 workers should complete first aid training

Completing one of the face-to-face courses available through meets training requirements for the first aid code of practice. All courses are nationally recognised units of competency.

First Aid Training Course Duration and Prerequisites

CPR training is completed during an in-person course that lasts four to five hours. First aid training typically lasts seven to eight hours. Class duration depends on the number of participants and their experience.

There are no prerequisite courses for first aid training. The courses are designed to help beginners quickly learn essential skills for administering first aid.

Do You Need Refresher Training for a First Aid or CPR Course?

Refresher training is recommended every three years for first aid courses and every one year for CPR courses. Completing a refresher course or another face-to-face course refreshes your first aid knowledge and skills. It also ensures that you follow the latest guidelines and first aid principles.

Book a First Aid and CPR Course in Hervey Bay

Whether you need basic first aid skills or advanced resuscitation training, you can find the right training at You can receive expert instruction at a local training centre at competitive prices.

We have extensive experience in the training industry, which allows us to offer access to a wide selection of safety training courses. View course schedules and class times to find first aid courses that work with your schedule.