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First Aid Courses Gold Coast

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Learn life-saving skills with face-to-face first aid and CPR training Gold Coast. is a leading source for safety training, including first aid courses. Compare class times and book an upcoming course.

The Preferred Choice for First Aid and CPR Courses Gold Coast

First aid training prepares individuals to deal with life-threatening medical emergencies, including anaphylactic emergencies. Possessing first aid skills could be the difference between life and death.

At, we help you get the training you need, with a wide selection of training courses to suit your requirements:

  • Basic First Aid (Provide First Aid): HLTAID011
  • Basic Emergency Life Support: HLTAID010
  • Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): HLTAID009
  • First Aid for Education & Care Settings: HLTAID012

These are just a few of the daily courses available on our site. Depending on your industry, additional safety training may be necessary. Review our available public courses to fulfil your training needs.

What Can You Expect From a First Aid Course, Gold Coast?

Each course covers the first aid skills needed to administer basic emergency care during various medical emergencies. The first aid knowledge that you gain helps save lives.

The main elements covered in a first aid course include:

  • How to assess an emergency situation
  • How to administer basic life support and first aid techniques
  • How to seek assistance from emergency services
  • How to report details of a first aid incident

The content of the course is in line with guidelines created by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other clinical bodies. Students must also complete knowledge assessments and practical assessments to earn first aid qualifications.

Depending on the course, you may need to perform CPR on a manikin, operate an automated external defibrillator, and answer questions related to basic anatomy and oxygen therapy.

Are First Aid Courses in Gold Coast Mandatory?

First aid courses are mandatory for a variety of professions. If you are a medical professional or childcare worker, you likely need to complete first aid training or CPR training before qualifying for a job. Yet, first aid and CPR training are also necessary under the Work Health & Safety Act.

According to WorkSafe Queensland, every business is required to provide access to first aid equipment, facilities, and workers trained to administer first aid techniques. Individuals trained to provide first aid (first aiders) may include workers or contractors.

Based on the code of practice for first aid in the workplace, you should have at least one first aider for every:

  • 10 workers in a remote high-risk work setting, such as a mine
  • 25 workers in a high-risk work setting, such as a construction site
  • 50 workers in a low-risk work setting, such as an office building

To prepare for anaphylactic emergencies and other emergency situations, businesses may need to provide more first aiders or additional safety training. As part of their WHS duties, PCBUs should develop a first aid action plan that includes an assessment of known hazards and risks.

Along with complying with WHS regulations, individuals may complete first aid training for their own professional development. First aid knowledge is beneficial for workers in any industry and may increase your career prospects.

What Is the Duration of First Aid Training, Gold Coast?

The typical Gold Coast first aid course requires one day of training. A CPR course Gold Coast focuses on CPR training instead of providing a broad range of first aid training. It typically lasts four to five hours instead of a full day. With our wide range of training options, you can easily find a class time that works for you.

When Does a First Aid Certificate Gold Coast Expire?

First aid and CPR training does not expire. However, current industry standards suggest retaking the first aid course at least once every three years. A CPR refresher course Gold Coast is recommended each year. The refresher training ensures that you understand the latest first aid principles.

Where Can I Find First Aid and CPR Course, Gold Coast?

If you want dependability with a flexible study option, search for upcoming public courses on You can find daily courses to suit your schedule. Our wide range of training courses includes courses taught by experienced trainers at local training centres. We are not a training organisation, but we work with the leading training providers. has over 15 years of training industry experience. We are the preferred choice for employers and employees that need reliable safety training. Book your course today or contact us for more details.