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First Aid Courses Frankston

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If you need first aid training in Frankston, browse face-to-face courses on We provide access to a wide selection of safety training courses from trusted training providers. We ensure you receive quality training at competitive prices.

First aid and CPR courses are a requirement for most businesses. Every workplace needs to have one or more people trained in first aid. Explore face-to-face first-aid certificate courses in Frankston to meet your legal responsibilities and maintain a safer work environment.

Choose the Best First Aid Training in Frankston

First aid courses are available to meet the needs of any industry. At, we connect you with training providers that offer a variety of courses. Popular training options include Provide First Aid (HLTAID011), First Aid in Education & Care Settings (HLTAID012), Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID010), and CPR Training (HLTAID009).

All courses include face-to-face training at a training centre in Frankston. Most first aid courses last seven to eight hours. CPR training courses often require four to five hours of training. 

What Are the Learning Outcomes for First Aid Courses in Frankston?

Completing a first aid training course in Frankston prepares you for assisting during a medical emergency. Ambulances in the state of Victoria try to respond to emergencies within 15 minutes. Administering medical care immediately can increase the chances of a successful outcome.

The content of the courses is based on recommendations provided by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). The first aid skills you gain allow you to deal with a variety of emergencies, including breathing emergencies and cardiac events, such as heart attacks. Some of the main topics covered during first aid training include:

  • Steps for assessing emergency situations
  • How to ensure the safety of all individuals during an emergency
  • Assessing the need to administer medical assistance
  • How to administer care using established first aid techniques
  • Seeking assistance from emergency medical services
  • How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Using first aid equipment during an emergency response
  • Accurately reporting the details of the incident
  • How to review the first aid response to improve future responses
  • WHS regulations related to first aid in the workplace

After the successful completion of a first aid training course, students receive a statement of attainment. The statement verifies that you have completed the training and does not expire.

Is First Aid Training Mandatory in Frankston?

Earning a first aid qualification is required for specific jobs. If you work in a childcare setting, you may need to complete HLTAID012 (Provide First Aid in an Education & Care Setting). Education settings also need to ensure that an adequate ratio of workers has completed safety training from a qualified training provider.

The completion of a basic first aid course is also necessary for ensuring compliance with WHS regulations outside of the education and care settings. Under WHS Regulation 42, every person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must provide access to first aid. 

How Many Workers Need to Complete a First Aid Course Frankston?

If you manage a business, you need to ensure that one or more workers have a first aid qualification. The ratio of “first aiders” to workers varies depending on the work setting. In low-risk workplaces, such as offices and retail stores, you only need 1 first aider for every 50 employees.

At least one worker should complete the training course for every 25 workers in a high-risk setting, such as a construction site. At remote high-risk sites, such as a mine, you should have one first aider per 10 workers.

Other factors to consider include the types of risks and hazards in the workplace, the availability of emergency services, and whether specialised training is necessary. At, you can choose from a variety of additional safety courses to fulfil your WHS obligations.

How Long Does a First Aid or CPR Certificate in Frankston Last?

After obtaining a first aid qualification, you should book another first aid course at least once every three years. Annual CPR refresher training is also recommended. Retaking the courses keeps the information fresh and ensures that you understand the latest first aid techniques and practices.

How to Find Accredited First Aid Courses in Frankston

If you want quality training from experienced trainers, use our marketplace to browse upcoming first aid courses at a nearby first aid training centre. At, we work with the most trusted registered training organisations (RTOs) in Frankston and beyond. 

We have helped promote safety in the workplace for over 15 years and remain committed to connecting workers with the right resources. Book a first aid course in Frankston library through us to receive the best prices from dependable RTOs.