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First Aid Courses Caboolture

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Do you require first aid and CPR training in Caboolture? We offer access to a range of training options to suit your needs, including face-to-face first aid courses with CPR. Browse courses from the top training providers.

First Aid Course Caboolture Learning Outcomes?

First aid training teaches life-saving techniques that comply with the current industry standards. A range of courses are available, including standard mental health first aid, basic first aid with CPR, first aid for education professionals, and first aid for health professionals. A standard first aid course (HLTAID011) with cardiopulmonary resuscitation training covers many topics.

Here is a closer look at the learning outcomes:

  • First aid response procedures
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Incident reporting and evaluation

Participants learn how to respond to a variety of medical situations, such as someone suffering from cardiac arrest or an accident. The courses teach you how to assess the severity of the situation and administer first aid when necessary. The procedures are developed based on guidelines determined by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other national clinical bodies.

To deliver effective first aid, participants are shown how to operate first aid equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You learn how to make the patient as comfortable as possible until emergency services can arrive.

HLTAID012 and other first aid courses cover additional topics tailored to different environments. HTLAID011 Provide First Aid is designed for community and workplace settings. HLTAID012 is designed for education and care settings.

All courses are available with face-to-face training through a training provider in Caboolture. Our partners provide a relaxed environment with expert trainers to give you the best training available. View upcoming schedules and book a course that suits your training needs.

Do You Need First Aid Courses in Caboolture?

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland requires employers to develop first aid arrangements. A first aid plan includes ensuring workers have access to first aid equipment and facilities. Employers also need to ensure that enough workers are trained to provide first aid during emergency situations. The number of workers who require training depends on the size and location of the workplace, staff size, and the type of work being carried out.

First aid training is beneficial for any setting. It ensures that someone is available to provide first aid services when waiting for medical professionals to arrive. The average ambulance response time is over 15 minutes in urban areas and up to 60 minutes in remote areas.

In remote workplaces, including mining operations and facilities or stores located away from the cities, you may need one trained first-aider per 10 workers. High-risk workplaces that may receive a faster response from emergency services should train one person per 25 workers. Offices and other low-risk workplaces should train at least one individual for every 50 workers.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure enough workers are trained in first aid. However, members of the public can also complete first aid training. If you work in the healthcare and education sectors or a mental health setting, your job may also require you to obtain a first aid certificate.

After the successful completion of the course, you receive a first aid certificate. Completing the course involves passing several assessments to demonstrate your competency. This includes demonstrating CPR procedures on a full-scale manikin.

First Aid Course Renewal in Caboolture

Refresher training is recommended every year. However, a certificate of first aid remains valid for three years based on the codes of practice for first aid. You should retake a face-to-face course every three years.

If you obtain a first aid certificate for personal use, you do not need to worry about the expiry date, but a yearly refresher course keeps your knowledge and skills current.

First Aid Training Caboolture Duration and Prerequisites

The average duration of a full first aid course is about eight hours. The average duration for a CPR course is about four hours. 

Course duration may vary depending on the size of the class and the training centre you select. All face-to-face courses include adequate breaks.

How Much Does First Aid Training Cost in Caboolture?

The cost of a first aid course CPR program varies from one training provider to the next. The average cost is less than $200 for face-to-face training. Group training discounts may apply.

At, we have over 15 years of experience in the safety industry. You can trust us for access to industry-leading training at the best prices. Browse our selection of first aid training programs from one of our training partners.