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First Aid Courses Bundaberg

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Learn what you should do during an emergency. is your source for nationally recognised courses in first aid and CPR through our partnerships with the leading professional trainers. Compare courses and book a slot today.

What Should You Expect From a First Aid Course in Bundaberg?

We offer a wide range of first aid courses, including first aid for educators and care settings. We also offer training for mental health first aid and CPR training. However, HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid) is the most popular program.

First aid courses allow participants to gain first aid skills and the ability to provide first aid response during emergencies. The courses include lessons on basic emergency life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and more.

A typical first aid course CPR program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Responding to an emergency situation
  • Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Providing first aid during an emergency
  • Using available resources and equipment
  • Operating first aid equipment
  • Monitoring the condition of an individual who requires first aid
  • Seeking help from professional emergency services

The goal of first aid is to help keep an individual’s condition from deteriorating while waiting for the arrival of emergency services. An individual suffering from an accident or medical condition may require professional treatment. However, a trained first-aider can deliver emergency aid to improve the chances of a successful outcome.

The skills taught at face-to-face first aid courses are in line with the latest first aid principles and the CPR guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

Who Needs to Take First Aid Training Bundaberg?

A certificate of first aid is needed for workers in certain industries, such as education and medical care. However, all businesses should have one or more workers trained to provide a first aid response. In fact, employers in Bundaberg and the rest of Queensland need to make first aid arrangements and plans. First aid arrangements should include a specific number of workers who are trained to provide first aid.

The number of workers who require training varies depending on:

  • The nature of the work being carried out
  • The types of hazards present
  • The size and location of the workplace
  • The number of workers

The number of workers is an important consideration. Low-risk workplaces should have at least one person trained in first aid per 50 workers. One trained first-aider is recommended for every 25 workers in high-risk workplaces, such as construction sites. Remote high-risk workplaces, such as mines, should have one first-aider per 10 workers.

Members of the public may also attend first aid courses. Learning first aid skills can prepare anyone for dealing with a medical emergency at home, work, or any other environment.

Why Is First Aid Training Important?

First aid training provides individuals with the practical skills and knowledge needed to assist during a medical emergency. This may include injuries, accidents, or sudden illnesses, such as cardiac arrest. 

First-aiders help stabilise casualties until the arrival of emergency services. This is especially important at remote workplaces, where ambulances may not be able to arrive as quickly.

Yet, even in metro areas, emergency services may take 15 minutes or longer to arrive. As every minute counts, a trained first-aider can administer life-saving techniques that could make the difference between life and death.

When Does a First Aid Certificate Expire?

First aid certificates do not have an official expiry date. However, first aid course renewal is recommended every three years for most forms of first aid certification, including HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid). CPR certificates should be renewed once per year.

Along with face-to-face training, we offer refresher training to help you remain informed of any changes related to first aid procedures.

How Long Does a First Aid Course Last?

A full first aid course typically lasts eight hours. Participants receive breaks during full-day training sessions. CPR courses (HLTAID001) may only take four hours. However, the duration often depends on the size of the group and their previous knowledge of first aid procedures.

Average First Aid Training Cost in Bundaberg

First aid training may cost $100 to $200, depending on the specific course. If you want to receive the best value, compare options from multiple first aid training providers. At, we save you time by offering access to a variety of face-to-face courses from the top RTOs.

Our wide selection of courses also ensures that you find training that fits your busy schedule. Book your Bundaberg first aid training today with just a few clicks or contact us for help scheduling corporate training.