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First Aid Courses Bendigo

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Find face-to-face first aid courses in Bendigo. First aid training teaches life-saving skills for use in a wide range of situations. Book your training through to get the best prices and the greatest selection of courses in the region.

What Are the Learning Outcomes for a First Aid Course in Bendigo?

First aid courses teach you skills for dealing with a wide range of situations, from a medical emergency to a workplace accident. Students learn how to administer life-saving techniques, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Face-to-face training is necessary to ensure that participants understand the techniques involved.

Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) is one of several first aid courses available. These courses teach participants to respond to a casualty according to industry standards and the guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

Topics covered include:

  • Recognising and assessing emergencies
  • Ensuring safety for bystanders and casualties
  • Assessing the casualty and the need for first aid procedures
  • Seeking assistance from emergency services
  • Performing CPR in accordance with ARC guidelines
  • Providing first aid in accordance with first aid principles
  • Obtaining consent and displaying respectful behaviour
  • Using available resources and equipment
  • Operating first aid equipment
  • Communicating details of the incident
  • Reviewing the details of the incident

Participants learn how to assess the situation and ensure the safety of bystanders and the individuals who require care. From dealing with abdominal injuries to providing mental health first aid, the course covers a variety of situations that may require life support skills.

Students are tested on their basic emergency life support skills during a theory assessment and practical skills assessment. The practical assessment includes performing CPR on a full-scale manikin. After completing the course and assessment, you are issued a first-aid certificate.

Duration and Requirements for a Bendigo First Aid Course

The typical first aid course lasts about eight hours. However, the duration of first aid training sessions varies depending on the size of the class and the training provider that you select. After booking first aid training, students receive access to pre-course theory learning materials.

The courses are offered face-to-face at training centres in Bendigo. You do not need to complete any other courses before enrolling. The minimum age for certification is 14 years old. Participants must also speak and understand the English language.

How Long Does a First Aid Certificate Last?

You need to renew a first aid certificate every three years. The requirements for refresher training include retaking a full first aid course within three years of the date of certification. However, Safe Work Australia recommends completing a refresher course each year to keep the information fresh.

Is First Aid Training Mandatory?

First aid training is not mandatory for most workers. Yet, most businesses need to ensure that a minimum number of employees are trained to deliver emergency care. WHS regulations require businesses to maintain reasonably safe work environments. Part of this process involves conducting a first aid risk assessment.

A first aid management plan or assessment allows businesses to determine how many employees need first aid training based on the following factors:

  • The location and type of work
  • Potential workplace hazards
  • The size of the workforce

Based on the typical recommendations, a business should have at least one employee trained in first aid for every:

  • 50 staff in a low-risk environment, such as an office
  • 25 staff in a high-risk environment, such as a construction site
  • 10 staff in a remote high-risk environment, such as a mining operation

Safety officers, supervisors, and health and safety representatives (HSRs) often volunteer to receive the training. However, anyone who wants to assume greater responsibility may benefit from first aid and CPR courses.

Why Get a First Aid Certificate?

During an emergency situation, individuals suffering from a medical issue or injury may need to wait 15 minutes or longer for professional medical care. The response time in remote areas is even longer.

Trained first-aiders help deliver life-saving procedures until emergency services arrive. Along with saving lives, obtaining first aid certification may further your career and lead to additional job opportunities.

How to Book a First Aid Course in Bendigo

First aid training in Bendigo is available from a variety of registered training organisations (RTOs). saves you the hassle of comparing options. We partner with the best training providers to give you more enrolment options. also offers access to additional courses for gaining other safety qualifications, such as asbestos training and manual handling training. Explore other accredited courses provided by our partners or browse first aid public courses today.