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First Aid Courses Beenleigh

First Aid Courses Beenleigh

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Do you need first aid training in Beenleigh? Start looking for available courses on We work with the top trainers to ensure that you receive the best prices and quality training.

First aid training gives you the skills required to perform CPR and other life-saving practices during workplace emergencies. Compare courses and availability to find training in Beenleigh.

What to Expect From a First Aid Course in Beenleigh

First aid courses prepare you or your staff for various life-threatening emergencies, which include almost any injury or illness that occurs at the workplace. When an accident occurs, emergency services may not respond immediately. The average response time is between 11 and 12 minutes.

Every minute counts when someone is suffering from a serious injury or illness, which is why every business should have trained first aiders. Training centres offer several types of first aid training to suit different requirements. HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid) is the most common unit of competency, as it includes first aid and CPR training.

It is a comprehensive course that is suitable for all industries. The course covers a range of topics, including:

  • How to respond to an emergency situation
  • How to apply first aid procedures
  • How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Communicating and reviewing emergency incidents
  • Common injuries in the workplace
  • Basic anatomy
  • State regulations and industry guidelines

The courses teach you how to recognise emergencies and assess the situation. Completing first aid training allows you to assist when an individual suffers from certain types of emergencies, including respiratory events such as someone choking on food. You also learn how to apply CPR during cardiac emergencies.

First Aid Training Course Duration

The average duration of the training programme is about eight hours. The duration depends on the size of the class and whether the participants have previous first aid training.

The training includes a combination of classroom learning and practical demonstrations. Participants must demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills through several assessments, including performing CPR on a manikin for two minutes.

You receive a statement of attainment after the successful completion of the course. A first aid certificate is issued either the same day or delivered via mail. The certificate has an expiry date of three years from the time it is issued. However, refresher training is recommended every year.

Entry Requirements for First Aid Courses in Beenleigh

You do not need to complete any other courses before enrolling in first aid or CPR training in Beenleigh. There are no prerequisites.

However, you need to meet a few minimum requirements, including possessing basic literacy, language, and numeracy skills. You also need to perform physical activities, including demonstrating CPR during the assessment.

Legal Requirements for First Aid CPR Training in Beenleigh

Employers may need to provide first aid course training for workers, depending on the work environment and size of the workforce. For example, workers who face extreme temperatures are at greater risk of cardiac events, making CPR training a requirement for certain activities, such as mining.

Most work environments with fewer than 10 workers do not need an individual trained in CPR or first aid. However, ensuring that at least one team member knows how to perform life-saving techniques could make the difference between life and death during a critical moment.

Based on the code of practice for first aid in the workplace, you should have at least one first aider for every 50 workers in low-risk environments. This includes workplaces with less risk of injury, such as offices. High-risk work environments should have at least one first aider per 25 workers. Remote high-risk locations, which includes mines, should have one first aider per 10 workers.

Who Should Get First Aid Certification?

A first aid certificate is great for professional development. It enhances your employability. Completing a CPR course may also be a requirement for your industry. Childcare workers, electricians, construction workers, and individuals across almost all industry sectors should consider learning CPR and first aid skills.

After completing your first aid training, consider furthering your professional development with additional safety training, such as manual handling courses.

How Much Does a First Aid Course Cost?

The cost of training varies. A first aid course in Bankstown may come with a different price compared to a course elsewhere. To keep the first aid certificate cost low, consider booking group corporate training. You can often get lower rates when scheduling group training for business purposes.

If you want the best value, browse course availability and class times at We work with the leading training organisations to give you the best value on first aid and CPR training in Beenleigh and the surrounding area. Start looking for first aid training today.