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First Aid Courses Bankstown

First Aid Courses Bankstown

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Explore first aid courses in Bankstown to obtain your first aid certificate. Completing first aid training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to help protect individuals during life-threatening emergencies.

From cardiopulmonary emergencies to respiratory emergencies, you can learn the right life-saving techniques. Browse available courses today.

What Does First Aid Training Include?

First aid training courses cover a wide range of topics related to first aid skills and techniques used during emergency situations. When someone is suffering from a heart attack, injury, or other medical emergencies, they cannot always wait for emergency services.

The average response time for cardiac emergencies in New South Wales is about 24 minutes. First aid courses ensure that individuals receive aid during the wait for emergency responders.

Training centres offer a variety of nationally recognised first aid and CPR courses. HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid) is the most used course. It includes first aid training with CPR certification.

By the completion of the course, you should understand the following:

  • How to respond to an emergency situation
  • How to apply first aid procedures
  • How to communicate the details of an emergency
  • How to review the response to an emergency event
  • Basic anatomy and common workplace injuries and accidents
  • Regulations and codes of practice for first aid situations

Completing CPR training teaches you how to assess emergencies, including cardiac emergencies. You learn how to ensure that bystanders and casualties are safe while applying first aid procedures and waiting for emergency responders.

The courses also meet the minimum requirements for CPR certification. You learn how to perform CPR on a full-scale manikin. The training also provides an overview of regulations and codes of practice that you must follow during first aid situations.

How Long Does a First Aid Course in Bankstown Take?

The average length of a first aid course is about six to eight hours. Class times vary based on the size of the class. Many training centres accommodate group corporate training. The training programme also includes time for breaks and lunch.

Participants must also demonstrate their practical skills. An assessment is completed, which includes multiple-choice questions and hands-on activities. After successful completion of the training course, you receive a statement of attainment.

A certificate may be presented the same day or mailed to your address. The certificate remains valid for three years. However, refresher training is recommended every 12 months.

First Aid and CPR Course Entry Requirements

First aid training does not include prerequisite courses or training. However, many individuals already have a white card or have completed some form of safety training in the past.

The minimum requirements include basic language, literacy, and numeracy skills. You must also possess the ability to carry out physical tasks, such as performing CPR.

Legal Requirements for First Aid CPR Training

Almost every business needs to have one or more workers trained in first aid and CPR. First aid training is a requirement in certain industries, especially those with high-risk work environments. According to WHS laws, you must give workers access to first aid equipment and first aiders. First aiders are individuals who have completed nationally recognised first aid courses, such as HLTAID011.

At least one worker should be trained in first aid for every 50 workers in low-risk work environments, such as office buildings. High-risk workplaces, such as construction sites, should have at least one first aider per 25 workers. Remote high-risk environments, such as mines, require one worker trained in first aid per 10 workers.

Who Needs a First Aid Certificate?

First aid certification is recommended for those who want to help maintain safer work environments and individuals assigned as first aiders or fire wardens in a facility. Some professions also require you to complete a CPR course. For example, childcare providers, fitness professionals, educators, and WHS officers often need first aid certificates.

Along with first aid training, your organisation may benefit from additional safety training. At, we offer a wide range of online safety training courses. You can also browse face-to-face training through our partnerships with RTOs.

How Much Does the First Aid Course Cost in Bankstown?

The first aid certificate cost depends on the training provider you choose and whether you need group corporate training. Many training organisations provide first aid course group discounts.

Start searching for first aid courses in Bankstown. is the top source for affordable safety training. We partner with the leading registered training organisations (RTOs) to create the best marketplace for face-to-face training in Bankstown and beyond. Browse class times and schedules to find an upcoming course that suits your needs.