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First Aid Courses Cardiff

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Need first aid training in Cardiff? Browse face-to-face training from the leading registered training organisations. is your source for all your WHS training needs, including first aid qualification. 

First aid training is necessary for almost every business. If you are a PCBU or a worker, you may need to explore your legal responsibilities related to first aid and CPR training. Here is what you should know about first aid courses in Cardiff. 

Find the Right First Aid Training Course in Cardiff NSW

At, we offer access to a vast selection of training courses through our partnerships with the top training providers. Our CPR and first aid course options include Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) and additional courses to meet your training requirements. Other popular courses include Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID009), Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID010), and Provide First Aid in Education & Care Settings (HLTAID012). Mental health first aid courses are also available at select training centres.

The face-to-face training is completed at learning centres in Cardiff. After the successful completion of a course, you are given a statement of attainment. Your statement of attainment provides proof of your first aid qualification.

What Can You Expect to Learn From a First Aid Course Cardiff NSW?

Completing a first aid course prepares you for dealing with medical emergencies in the workplace and in public. You gain the practical skills and knowledge required for assisting during a variety of emergency aid situations, including cardiac arrest, anaphylactic emergencies, soft tissue injuries, and other common injuries. 

The training is based on the guidelines created by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other leading clinical groups. The learning outcomes vary depending on the unit of competency. However, all first aid courses cover the following topics:

  • Recognising and assessing an emergency situation
  • Ensuring the safety of bystanders, self, and casualties
  • Assessing the casualty and recognising the need for first aid response
  • Seeking assistance from emergency services
  • Performing CPR in accordance with ARC guidelines
  • Providing first aid in accordance with established principles
  • Using available resources and equipment
  • Operating first aid equipment
  • Reporting details of the incident
  • Contributing to a review of the first aid response

At the end of the practical training, participants must complete assessments. The assessments ensure that you grasp the life-saving skills and knowledge covered in the course. You are then issued the statement of attainment on the day of training.

Do You Need a CPR Certificate or First Aid Certificate in Cardiff?

First aid certification is mandatory for certain professions. Childcare workers and medical professionals often need to learn first aid procedures. Educators may also need a first aid certificate. Provide First Aid in an Education & Care Setting course is designed for these jobs. However, workers in any industry may also require first aid qualifications.

According to Work Health & Safety (WHS) regulations, PCBUs are required to limit exposure to health and safety risks as far as reasonably practicable. As part of their duties, a PCBU needs to ensure that their workplace provides access to first aid equipment, first aid facilities, and safety training at a first aid training centre.

The legal responsibilities of a PCBU include having trained first aiders available to respond to a medical emergency. A first aider is a worker who has completed a nationally recognised training course from a registered training organisation.

The code of practice for first aid in the workplace also specifies the recommended number of trained first aiders. The recommendations include at least one first aider for every 50 workers in an office or other low-risk workplace. At least one worker must complete first aid training for every 25 workers in a high-risk workplace or 10 workers in a remote high-risk workplace.

Along with first aid training, a first aider or safety officer may need extra safety training. Additional training is often needed when work is remote or isolated or involves additional hazards. offers access to nationally recognised safety courses to meet your training requirements.

When Do You Need to Retake First Aid Training in Cardiff NSW?

First aid certificates do not have an expiry date. However, according to current industry standards, first-aiders should retake first aid training courses at least every three years. Taking another face-to-face training course or refresher training course ensures that your training is up-to-date. Annual CPR training is also recommended. 

Where Can I Find a CPR and First Aid Course Near Me?

If you need first aid training in Cardiff, we have you covered. is the leading source for quality safety training. We work with the best training providers to help you learn life-saving skills in a face-to-face learning environment. Browse class times and availability to find the right first aid training course. 

Book first aid training today or contact us for more information.