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First Aid Courses Adelaide

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Get first aid training from a qualified training provider at the best prices. offers access to training from leading training centres in Adelaide. Shop now for available face-to-face first aid courses and receive your first aid certificate.

What Does a First Aid Course in Adelaide Cover?

First aid courses in Adelaide are designed to help individuals respond to life-threatening emergencies until emergency services arrive. The use of first aid procedures ensures that individuals receive swift assistance, decreasing the risk of serious injury or death.

First training courses are based on the HLTAID011 unit of competency. HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid) is a nationally recognised unit of competency used across almost all industries. It covers the skills and knowledge needed to provide first aid response during an emergency situation.

The main topics of the course include:

  • Responding to an emergency situation
  • Applying appropriate first aid procedures
  • Communicating details of emergency incidents
  • Basic anatomy and common types of first aid situations
  • State regulations and first aid codes of practice

Participants learn how to recognise and assess emergencies. This includes ensuring the safety of bystanders and individuals who need first aid. The course also covers the steps involved in assessing the need for first aid response and seeking assistance from emergency services.

Individuals learn how to address a wide range of situations, including snake bites, spider bites, and respiratory emergencies. First aid procedures vary depending on the nature of the emergency. For example, cardiac emergencies may require CPR. Quality training ensures that your staff is prepared for these types of situations.

Who Should Complete First Aid Training in Adelaide?

First aid and CPR training in Adelaide are beneficial for anyone interested in professional development. Obtaining a first aid or CPR qualification demonstrates your commitment to workplace health and safety. PCBUs may also need to ensure that their workforce has an adequate number of trained first aiders.

The general rule is to ensure that your business has at least one worker qualified in CPR training for every:

  • 50 workers in a low-risk workplace, such as an office
  • 25 workers in a high-risk workplace, such as a construction site
  • 10 workers in a remote high-risk workplace, such as a mine

First aid courses are available to suit the corporate training needs of any business. Whether you require group training or require a single seat at an upcoming course, we can help you find an experienced trainer in Adelaide who meets your requirements.

First Aid Training Entry Requirements

First aid and CPR courses in Adelaide do not have prerequisites. However, participants should have basic language, literacy, and numeracy foundation skills. Participants must also possess the physical ability to perform certain activities, such as performing CPR on a full-scale manikin.

How Long Does First Aid Training Last?

The typical CPR course in Adelaide lasts about six to eight hours. Class times typically begin in the morning and last through the early afternoon. However, the duration of the course depends on the skills and knowledge participants have acquired before training and the size of the class.

Students are assessed during and after the course. The assessment includes multiple-choice questions throughout the training and performance activities designed to simulate real emergencies.

After successful completion of the course, participants receive a statement of attainment. A certificate is also issued. Whether you receive a standard certificate or a senior first aid certificate in Adelaide, a first aid certificate in Adelaide is valid for three years. However, according to WHS codes of practice, you should complete a first aid refresher course in Adelaide every year.

Are First Aid and CPR Courses in Adelaide Mandatory?

Every employer has legal responsibilities related to maintaining a safe work environment. These responsibilities include providing immediate and effective aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill.

According to the WHS model code of practice for first aid in the workplaces, you must give workers access to:

  • Trained first aiders
  • First aid equipment
  • First aid facilities

Every building should have first aid kits near any area with a higher risk of injuries, such as near the use of equipment or machinery. Businesses with 200 or more workers may require a dedicated first aid room. Along with first aid kits and facilities, businesses may require a trained first aider.

Trained first aiders should hold a statement of attainment from a nationally recognised unit of competency, such as HLTAID011 and related CPR courses. The training should also be provided by a registered training organisation (RTO), which is where we come in. We save you the trouble of comparing options to find the best training for your business.

How Much Does First Aid Training Cost?

The cost of CPR Adelaide course varies depending on the provider and type of course. For example, a CPR refresher course in Adelaide costs less compared to face-to-face first aid courses. We ensure that you receive the best prices on safety training for business needs. Start browsing Adelaide first aid courses today.