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Fire Warden Course Perth

Fire Warden Course Perth

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What Is Fire Warden Training?

Fire warden courses explain the fire warden’s role when dealing with building emergencies, such as fires. Participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare emergency plans, safely evacuate building occupants, and identify workplace hazards.

Fire warden courses comply with Australian Standard 3745 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities). AS 3745 covers the recommended practices for planning for workplace emergencies.

After completing the course, participants should understand the following topics:

  • The types of emergencies
  • Human behaviour during emergencies
  • Identifying and controlling workplace hazards
  • The types of fire protection systems
  • Evacuating building occupants

Fire warden training is available online or with face-to-face training. Classroom learning includes hands-on training and requires the full attention of participants, increasing the retention of information and the development of practical skills. The course typically lasts four to five hours.

An assessment is used to ensure that participants understood the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. A certificate of completion is issued after the successful completion of the course. Refresher training or an online fire warden course is recommended every two years.

What Do Fire Wardens Do?

Fire wardens help prepare facilities for emergencies. They develop emergency response plans and building evacuation procedures. They then test and improve emergency procedures.

During an emergency, fire wardens help occupants safely exit the facility. They are aware of safe evacuation routes and potential hazards. Wardens control the movement of people to ensure orderly evacuations and assist those with disabilities.

Who Is the Fire Warden Course Intended for?

Fire emergency warden training is designed for team members assigned warden roles. This training applies to businesses across almost all industry sectors. Whether you manage an office or a warehouse, you need to prepare for workplace emergencies.

Designating workers as fire wardens is not required. However, it helps your facility better prepare for all types of emergency situations, including:

  • Fire emergencies
  • Explosions
  • Leaks or spills from hazardous chemicals
  • Dangerous reactions to gases or vapours

Having at least one warden per 20 people is a common recommendation. However, every facility is different. If your facility has multiple floors, you may need at least one warden for each floor. These details and more are covered in fire warden training.

Members of your team do not need to be designated as fire wardens to carry out these duties. Anyone with the appropriate training can assist with emergencies. If you want to maintain a safer workplace, consider enrolling one or more staff in fire warden courses in Perth.

Is Fire Warden Training in Perth Mandatory?

Fire warden training courses are not mandatory in Perth. According to regulation 43 of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, businesses must maintain an emergency plan. It does not specify any fire warden training regulations.

Businesses rely on Australian safety standards, such as Australian Standard 3745, which covers planning for emergencies. The information covered in fire warden training makes it easier for PCBUs to comply with regulation 43 of WHS laws, as it addresses the steps needed for emergency planning and evacuation options.

WHS regulations state that your emergency plan must address:

  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Contact information for notifying emergency services
  • Communicating and coordinating with emergency services
  • Arranging medical treatment and assistance
  • Testing workplace emergency procedures
  • Safety training and instructions for key personnel

WHS laws also require the emergency plan to be accessible to all workers. Workers need to be adequately informed and trained in any emergency procedures that they implement, which is one of the advantages of fire warden training.

Fire warden courses are not required by law but are considered the industry standard for those who want to maintain a safe workplace. If you maintain a shared workplace, you should consult with all other persons who occupy the same facilities to determine your emergency plans and applicable training. Along with fire warden courses, your staff may need training in confined spaces, asbestos, or hazardous chemicals.

Where Can You Find Fire Warden Courses in Perth?

Fire warden courses are offered through a variety of training centres in Perth. We save you the trouble of finding the best training provider.

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