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CPCCDE5001 Licensed Asbestos Assessors Training - Arncliffe, Sydney

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Welcome to the CPCCDE5001 Conduct air monitoring and clearance inspections for asbestos removal work Nationally Recognised Training in Sydney.

About this course

Training Provider: AlertForce (RTO 91826)

Location: Unit 16, 13-15 Wollongong Road Arncliffe NSW 2205

Course length: 2 days

Time: Varies

Can you do the Licensed Asbestos Assessors Training Nationally Recognised online?

In short self paced is not available - the training must be completed face to face over a 2 day program.


Licensed Asbestos Assessor Course CPCCDE5001 Conduct air monitoring and clearance inspections for asbestos removal work was previously known as CPCCBC5014A Conduct asbestos assessment associated with removal.

Managers and supervisors of workplaces must ensure that asbestos-containing material (ACM), is properly identified by licensed asbestos assessors.

Non-compliance with the Work Health & Safety Regulations Part 8 asbestos can result in a fine.

An asbestos assessor can:

  • Identify asbestos-related issues and ACM
  • Evaluate the potential risk of being exposed to airborne asbestos
  • Recommendations to reduce or eliminate exposure
  • If you are unable to prepare an asbestos management plan, review your existing plan.
  • Register as an Asbestos for your site or prepare one.
  • Ensure that you are present during the class A asbestos removal process by qualified personnel.
  • Clearance inspections
  • Clearance certificates for Class A asbestos removal work

The WHS Act covers workplaces but assessors can also be called upon to inspect domestic sites if they suspect there might be an asbestos problem.

Who is this course intended for?

This course is for anyone who is interested in the following possibilities:

  • If you're currently employed in the Asbestos or construction industry, and want to improve your career prospects and maintain professional compliance.
  • You have the ability to work in a supervisory capacity and be formally trained in Friable and Non-friable Asbestos Removal.

You can also:

  • You can become an Independent Competent Person or a Licensed Asbestos Assessment or with regard to asbestos removal.
  • You can become or increase your inspectorate position within a Worksafe authority, regulator or other organization.
  • As an Occupational Hygienist, you can improve your skills.

Why should I take this course?

  • This course is accredited and focuses on providing clearance certification and inspection for asbestos removal projects, both friable and non-friable.
  • This course fulfills the requirements of WHS regulation in Australia, New Zealand and Australia for asbestos inspection and clearance work.

What are the key elements of the course?

The Asbestos Assessors Course outlines the requirements for assessors to visually inspect the workplace and use a variety of measuring devices to monitor the presence of asbestos fibres. This is an integral part in identifying hazards, assessing risk, monitoring effectiveness of controls and ensuring that there are no asbestos fibres before re-occupation.

This unit includes planning the monitoring process, selecting and using air-monitoring equipment and processes, as well as the conducting of an assessment and correct handling and interpretation of results.

These are the main components:

  • Consider a plan for asbestos removal.
  • Preparation to gather measurements at the site and other data.
  • Measurements devices can be used to gather data and information about the site.
  • Complete the monitoring process.
  • Document and evaluate the monitoring process in accordance with accredited laboratory requirements.

How do you achieve your Asbestos Assessor Certificate?

Two nationally recognised units of competency make up the Asbestos Assessors Course.

  • CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry (done via external RTO).
  • CPCCDE5001 Conduct Asbestos Removal Work Air Monitoring and Clearance Inspections / CPCCBC5014A Conduct Asbestos Assessment

What should I bring?

You don't need anything extra as long as you have filled out all required information.

All training materials, reference material, and a pen for writing notes are provided.

What are the essential things I should know before I begin?

You must be able understand and speak basic English in order to start the program.

  • CPCCWHS1001 Learn how to work safely in the construction industry.

Where can I find the training?

There are three choices:

  • One of our modern education venues
  • At your premises, or
  • A training facility near you

What time will it take?

Test and pre-course reading

plus 2 days Training Face to Face With our qualified trainers with many years of current industry experience.

What will I get upon successful completion of the task?

The Nationally Recognised Statement Of Attainment (SOS) and the Evidence Card (Evidence Card) are issued. You can keep the card in your pocket and make sure it is easily accessible to clients or regulators to prove your compliance with training.

Course Delivery and Assessment

The delivery is done in a mixed format that includes: Pre-course reading, pre-course test, and Face to Face Training – Written and Practical Assessments. (total approximately. 24 hours).

Assessment includes both a practical and a written test that may include multiple choices and written answers.