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Cert IV in WHS Perth

Cert IV in WHS Perth

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Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS) gives you the skills and knowledge needed to work in WHS management roles. Explore the procedures and codes of practice for complying with WHS laws and developing risk management plans. Sign up for Cert IV training in Perth today.

Certificate IV WHS Training Perth

What is Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS)? The Cert IV WHS course in Perth follows the BSB41419 qualification.

BSB41419 is a nationally recognised qualification for individuals working, or planning to work, in WHS roles, such as supervisory positions. Registered training organisations (RTOs) offer training packages that cover the requirements for earning the Cert IV qualification.

These programs do not have any formal prerequisites or entry requirements. Participants must understand the English language and possess basic computer literacy skills.

The face-to-face training is completed at a training centre in Perth. The duration of Cert IV OHS training in Perth varies between several weeks and several months, depending on the delivery option and schedule that you select.

Earning the Cert IV qualification prepares you for greater responsibilities in implementing and managing health and safety procedures. Whether you already work in a WHS management position or want to advance your career, OHS.com.au can help you find the required WH&S training at the best prices.

Overview of Certificate IV WHS Courses Perth

Obtaining the Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety credential requires comprehensive training. Participants must complete 10 total workplace health and safety courses. The WHS training units include five core units and five electives.

The five core courses include:

  • BSBWHS412: Assist with Workplace Compliance
  • BSBWHS413: Contribute to the Implementation and Maintenance of WHS Processes
  • BSBWHS414: Contribute to WHS Risk Management 
  • BSBWHS415: Contribute to Implementing Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems
  • BSBWHS416: Contribute to Workplace Incident Response

These five core units of competency examine the steps needed to identify workplace hazards and improve workplace safety. The first course covers the identification of all applicable WHS laws, legislative requirements, and obligations of individuals and PCBUs. Participants also learn how to implement risk management procedures and WHS management systems, which are based on Australian safety standards and industry standards.

WHS managers must understand how to develop and manage risk control processes and evaluate them to continually improve the safety of workers. They also need to implement return-to-work and injury management procedures. Cert IV training gives you the practical skills required to carry out these duties.

Electives for Cert IV Work Health and Safety NSW

Along with completing the core health and safety courses described above, participants must complete five elective units. The packaging rules allow training providers to select from 17 units to meet the elective requirements.

The five electives must include three units from the following list:

  • BSBINS401: Analyse Research Information
  • BSBWHS417: Assist with Managing WHS Implications
  • BSBWHS418: Assist with Managing WHS Compliance of Contractors
  • BSBWHS419: Contribute to Implementing WHS Monitoring Processes
  • BSBWHS431: Develop Procedures for Controlling Hazardous Chemicals
  • BSBWRT411: Write Complex Documents

The courses are delivered via face-to-face training. In-person training courses provide greater interaction and hands-on learning, along with the ability to raise queries during the training.

Participants must also complete assessments to demonstrate their competency in each unit. Certificate IV WHS training is recommended for individuals who are currently employed, as the hands-on assessments may require access to a workplace. After the successful completion of the courses and assessments, you receive a certificate and a record of the transcript.

Who Should Obtain the Cert IV WHS Certificate?

Cert IV in Work Health and Safety (formerly known as Cert IV OHS) is the minimum qualification for individuals seeking work in WHS management roles. The training is designed for individuals who are already working in WHS roles and those who seek professional development.

Earning a Cert IV credential may qualify you for one of the following positions:

  • WHS officer
  • Human resources officer
  • WHS advisor
  • Safety officer

A career in WHS provides access to jobs in a wide range of industries, including construction, public administration, and scientific and technical services. After completing Certificate IV training, you may pursue a Diploma of Work Health and Safety (WHS).

How to Choose a Cert IV OHS Course in Perth

OHS.com.au makes it easy to find health and safety training in Perth. We partner with the leading safety training providers to give you access to quality training at affordable prices.

We are not an RTO, but we have provided health and safety resources online since the late 1990s. After years of offering access to the best online safety training, we now work with the top RTOs to give access to face-to-face courses. Explore the schedules for upcoming Cert IV training in Perth to start your training.