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Asbestos Awareness Courses in Albury

Asbestos Awareness Courses in Albury

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Maintain your asbestos certification with asbestos refresher courses in Albury or complete your asbestos awareness training to learn how to identify asbestos. is your source for comprehensive asbestos safety training. Explore our face-to-face training courses or contact us today for a quote.  Or visit our main Asbestos Awareness Training Course page.

Avoid the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure with Asbestos Training

Face-to-face asbestos awareness training gives individuals the skills and knowledge needed to identify and report asbestos. Manufacturers have not used asbestos in products for close to two decades. However, homes and buildings constructed before the ban may contain asbestos building and plumbing materials.

Most asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were banned in Australia in the mid-1990s. Asbestos was entirely banned in 2003. Yet, many buildings were constructed before the ban. Older commercial sites and residential properties may contain products made with asbestos.

Some products do not pose severe safety concerns. However, some types of asbestos are crushed easily, distributing small fibres through the air. Inhaling asbestos fibres increases the risk of serious health issues, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. 

Exposure to asbestos fibres can also cause asbestosis, which is a condition that occurs due to scarring of the lungs. The scars can lead to additional health complications, including difficulty breathing and fatigue. 

Studies suggest that thousands of Australian citizens die of asbestos-related diseases each year. Banning asbestos was the first step in protecting the public and workers. Awareness is the next step. Learning how to identify asbestos and understanding the severity of the health risks keeps people safe. 

Do You Need Asbestos Awareness or Asbestos Removal Training?

An asbestos awareness certificate is necessary for individuals who may encounter asbestos products at work sites. This often includes individuals in the construction industry. Construction workers and demolition workers may encounter asbestos in building material and old plumbing.

Tradespeople may also require awareness training. Plumbers, electricians, and emergency services workers may need asbestos certification due to the potential risk of asbestos exposure.

An asbestos licence is needed for the removal of asbestos-containing material (ACM). According to SafeWork Australia, licenced asbestos removalists are needed for safe asbestos removal work. 

Depending on your job duties, your asbestos training requirements may require the successful completion of several courses, including:

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Class B asbestos removal
  • Class A asbestos removal
  • Asbestos supervisor course
  • Asbestos assessor course

If your work does not involve the removal of asbestos but includes potential asbestos exposure, you should complete asbestos awareness training. Asbestos refresher courses in Albury are also recommended every 12 to 24 months. Refresher courses ensure that workers continue to follow asbestos safety procedures.

Additional courses are needed for asbestos removal. The Class B asbestos removal course is required for the removal of more than 10m2 of non-friable asbestos. The Class A asbestos removal course is required for the removal of any amount of friable asbestos. 

Friable asbestos refers to asbestos products that are easily crushed or pulverised. This includes pipe lagging and other forms of asbestos insulation. When crushed, the material releases airborne asbestos fibres that can cause health issues. Non-friable products, such as asbestos cement sheets, do not crush as easily, but may still pose a health risk. 

What Are the Learning Outcomes for Asbestos Awareness Training?

Asbestos awareness training courses follow the 10675NAT unit of competency. Awareness training does not cover the safety procedures for removing or encapsulating asbestos. Participants explore the following topics:

  • Potential health hazards of asbestos exposure
  • Common types and properties of asbestos
  • Common sources of asbestos and asbestos-containing material

The course helps individuals understand the risks involved in handling asbestos. You will learn more about the health hazards and why the removal of asbestos requires safety protocols.

Asbestos products are not always easy to recognise. Participants learn more about the properties of asbestos and common sources of asbestos to help them identify it and avoid exposure.

Affordable Asbestos Refresher Courses in Albury

At, we offer a complete range of asbestos refresher courses in Albury, Wodonga. Learn how to identify asbestos and complete licensed asbestos removal work.

Our face-to-face asbestos awareness courses ensure that you or your staff remain aware of all asbestos safety procedures. We have years of experience working with registered training organisation’s (RTO’s) and as a platform provide all relevant training for those whose work involves potential contact with asbestos. 

Along with asbestos awareness courses, we offer units of competency for a wide range of safety requirements, including white card training (construction induction training). Contact us today for a quote. 

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