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10675NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness - Arncliffe, Sydney

  • $227.00

Welcome to the 10675NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness Nationally Recognised Training in Sydney.

About this course

Training Provider: AlertForce (RTO 91826)

Location: Unit 16, 13-15 Wollongong Road Arncliffe NSW 2205

Course length: 4 hours

Time: Varies

Can you do Asbestos Awareness Training Nationally Recognised online?

In short self paced is not available although delivery via webinar is currently approved.


The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires that all workers in any field that might come into contact with asbestos must have asbestos awareness training. For those who work in the ACT over a number of years, builders, carpenters and cablers as well as plumbers have to complete the 10675NAT Asbestos Awareness Training Course.

The ACT-approved current course in asbestos awareness is the 10675NAT Course. It replaces 10314NAT, which is the standard for learning to identify asbestos.

What Training is Required for Asbestos Awareness Training?

Individuals must complete the 10675NAT Course In Asbestos Awareness to fulfill the ACT training requirements. You, as a person conducting a business (PCBU), have the responsibility of ensuring that your employees have successfully completed this training course through an approved training provider.

If you believe your workers or you will be working with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in Australia, you should arrange for training with a qualified company. Keep a log of all training sessions and the dates. Anyone entering a construction site must have an ACT card, which is the same as the white cards in most other states. Training in the 10675NAT Course In Asbestos Awareness is not required. The only requirement for the course is that the student can read, understand, speak, and write English. A translator can be hired for an individual who is not able to read or write English. Training organisations do not typically provide translators.

How is training delivered?

Online courses for asbestos awareness training are not available. The 10675NAT Course In Asbestos Awareness requires face-to–face delivery. These courses in asbestos awareness must be delivered by a certified training organisation.

The courses are designed to be completed within a maximum of four hours. However, it is possible that the length of the course could vary depending on which company offers the course and how many students take part.

AlertForce was approved by ASQA and the holders of 10675NAT Certificate in Asbestos Awareness, to offer this course nationally.

Why do you need to complete an asbestos awareness course

Specified workers in Canberra or ACT will need to complete the 10675NAT Asbestos Awareness Course. For all work performed on building sites, workers must complete the 10675Nat Course In Asbestos Knowledge Training. Asbestosis is an inflammatory condition in which the exposure to asbestos can increase the chance of developing. This condition can cause lung damage and shortness-of-breath. It can even increase the likelihood of developing lung cancer. Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, requires that all information, training and instruction be given for the identification of asbestos. To meet these requirements, the currently approved training course is 10675NAT Training in Asbestos Awareness.

Training completed prior to January 2008 is not acceptable. Training that was completed between January 2008 - June 2014 must have been provided by an accredited registered training organization. It should be something like CPCCDE3014A Remove fibriable asbestos, which is a higher course than the awareness course. These requirements will not be met if the course was not certified. Training in the 10675NAT Course In Asbestos Awareness may be required.

The training course is designed to reduce the risks and hazards associated with asbestos exposure. The Minister's list of occupations includes many occupations that could be reasonably exposed to asbestos. The training is required for any worker who holds an occupation in the Minister's list of occupations. The asbestos awareness training must be completed by bricklayers as well as plumbers and stonemasons.

How Much Does the Asbestos Awareness Training Course 10675NAT Cost?

The average cost of the 10675NAT Course on Asbestos Awareness training course varies depending on who is offering it and where they are located. This course costs $227 in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne. The average cost for this course in Brisbane is between $220 to $250. Although the course isn't mandatory, it is very popular outside Canberra. Many workers who live outside Canberra will still need it if they want to do construction work in Canberra.

These are not the usual prices. Group training is often offered by many companies at a discount. A group discount may be available if there are six or more workers who require the 10675NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness training program.

Some people may be eligible to receive a partial reimbursement through the ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund. To receive the partial refund, individuals must submit a request. This usually happens after the course has been completed.

Can my business get training funding?

Under certain circumstances, funding for training may be available for businesses related to the construction sector in the ACT. AlertForce is able to arrange this on your behalf if you meet the eligibility requirements. To check the Training Fund Authority website , or to discuss your staff eligibility, please call us.

What will you learn from the 10675NAT Asbestos Awareness Course?

The 10675NAT Course on Asbestos Awareness's primary purpose is to help workers identify asbestos. The course doesn't cover the removal of asbestos or its encapsulation.

Participants will be able to understand the risks and hazards associated with asbestos by the end of this course. Asbestosis, or lung damage, is the most serious risk from asbestos exposure. Asbestosis is also known to increase the risk of lung cancer. It is also considered a human carcinogen. The 10675NAT Course on Asbestos Awareness also covers the identification and prevention of asbestos. Participants learn where asbestos can be found most often and what materials contain it.

Asbestos in Australia was not banned until December 2003. Since the 1980s asbestos was banned in Australia. Although asbestos is no longer being used in building materials for domestic properties, it is still commonly found in commercial and residential properties built before the ban. Asbestos is a low-cost material that was used in a variety of construction materials. Older buildings and homes may have asbestos insulation, tiles or wallboards, downspouts flashing, flashing, plaster, cement, or vinyl flooring.

Also, elevator equipment (including brake shoes) can contain asbestos. Asbestos can also be found in older properties such as electrical panel partitions and cooling towers.

The course also provides information on the safe procedures to use when dealing with asbestos. The majority of cases involving asbestos should be reported to the appropriate authorities and encapsulated by a licensed company.

PCBUs are able to ensure that the building site is safe for all workers, contractors, visitors, as well as any other persons who may need to live there.

What Accreditation Do You Require?

To determine if you understand the information provided during the course, a test is taken after you complete the 10675NAT Course. This assessment is passed to award you a Nationally Recognised Statement indicating your achievement.

It is necessary to have asbestos awareness training before you can enter a building site. You, as an employer, must ensure that your workers are able to access this training. The current course approved by the ACT is the 10675NAT Asbestos Awareness Course. These courses are not offered online, but they can be taken by trained training organisations.

AlertForce recommends you take the CPCCDE3014A higher qualification if you live outside of Canberra. It gives you greater flexibility. View our asbestos awareness courses and removal courses below. You can also find a lot of asbestos courses online.