Collection: ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems: Enhancing Workplace Safety through Professional Certified Training Courses

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Workplace safety is paramount in any organisation. The ISO 45001 training courses on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&S MS) are designed to improve workplace safety, reduce occupational accidents, and create healthier work environments. Developed by ISO, the training courses are applicable to organisations of all sizes across varying industries. The ISO 45001 certificate gained from this course is recognised globally, fortifying your understanding and ability to implement or audit occupational health and safety policies effectively. Start shaping the safety of the workplace and enhance your professional credentials with our ISO 45001 training courses now.

International Certification Body

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      Courses overview

      Standardise and elevate your occupational health and safety practices with our ISO 45001 training courses. This standard, aligned with other ISO management systems, provides an effective framework to create safer, healthier work environments, and aims to reduce the numerous work-related accidents and illnesses experienced globally each year. The course offers a proactive approach to minimizing work-related risks and promoting worker well-being.

      Our courses cover different levels of understanding and implementing ISO 45001, ranging from introductory overviews to detailed lead implementer and auditor certifications. Benefits of implementing ISO 45001 in your organization include enhanced reputation, increased employee trust, reduction in insurance premiums and claims, improved productivity, and lower employee turnover.

      Whether you wish to familiarise yourself with the basic principles, pursue a certification as a lead implementer, or excel in auditing against ISO 45001 guidelines, our well-rounded training courses cater for all. Upon completion of the training and the subsequent certification exam, you will be able to implement health and safety policies proficiently, reducing work-related injuries and promoting an overall healthier work environment. 

      Course outcomes

      ISO 45001 is an international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&S MS) providing the framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within your company. Completing this training will enable you to:

      - Comprehend the structure of an OH&S MS including the policy, procedures, and objectives

      - Understand the scope and field of ISO 45001 and how it can be applied in your organisation

      - Develop the necessary expertise to manage an OH&S MS audit

      Implementing this standard can bring significant benefits to your organization, including enhanced reputation, increased employee trust, reduced insurance premiums, improved staff productivity, and lowered employee turnover.

      Several training courses are available, from introduction to advanced courses, to suit your needs and develop your professional career in occupational health and safety management.

      More details

      Every year, occupational accidents and diseases take a heavy toll worldwide, with approximately 2.3 million casualties and countless illnesses affecting workers. The health and safety of employees are of paramount concern, requiring serious attention, commitment, and actionable measures. Recognizing this crucial need, ISO developed ISO 45001, a global standard establishing requirements for an occupational health and safety management system (OH&S MS).

      ISO 45001, formulated on the basis of the British OHSAS 18001 and other international occupational health and safety guidelines, provides a comprehensive framework for creating safer and healthier workplaces. This standard is universally applicable, no matter the size or nature of your organization. The goal is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses while promoting safer working environments and continual improvement in occupational health and safety performance.

      Attending a PECB ISO 45001 training course, regardless of whether it's a Foundation, Lead Auditor, or Lead Implementer course, will equip you with the skills to grasp globally recognized practices intended to enhance working conditions and ensure workers' well-being. This prestigious certification attests to your ability to understand, implement, or audit health and safety policies, reducing work-related injuries.

      Well-articulated and effectual guidelines and procedures for OH&S can help prevent workplace illnesses and injuries, reduce health and safety risks, and avert negative outcomes. An OH&S MS based on ISO 45001 can offer your organization a multitude of benefits, including enhanced reputation, increased employee trust, lower insurance premiums, greater ROI, and decreased employee turnover.

      Start your journey towards becoming PECB-certified with ISO 45001 training courses now. Our experts are ready to assist you throughout the process, ensuring an enriching experience and welcoming you into our global network. We offer multiple training courses catering to various needs, including Introduction, Foundation, Lead Implementer, Lead Auditor, and Transition courses. 

      Get certified. Improve the occupational health and safety at your workplace. Protect lives.

      Let’s get specific

      Who is this course ideal for?

      This course is designed for anyone interested in ensuring and improving occupational health and safety in the workplace. It is especially beneficial for those who plan to implement and/or audit an OH&S Management System (OH&S MS) based on ISO 45001. This includes individuals already involved in OHSAS 18001 who wish to transition to ISO 45001, as well as those looking to familiarise themselves with occupational health and safety management concepts. The course is also suitable for professionals aiming for a career in occupational health and safety management.

      What are the prerequisites?

      There seems to be no explicit prerequisites mentioned for the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System training courses. These courses seem to cater to a range of knowledge levels, from introduction and foundation levels to more advanced lead implementer and auditor courses. Interested individuals are encouraged to choose a course level that best fits their current knowledge and career aspirations in the field of occupational health and safety management. However, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of occupational health and safety prior to beginning a course.

      How is the learning delivered?

      Learning is delivered through a set of ISO 45001 training courses, which include Introduction, Foundation, Lead Implementer, Lead Auditor, and Transition. These courses cover everything from basic concepts and principles of occupational health and safety management to the in-depth information necessary to guide and support organizations in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&S MS). The learning approach involves a comprehensive curriculum with options to suit different professional needs and skill levels. 

      What assessments are involved?

      The assessments involved in the ISO 45001 training courses include ISO 45001 Foundation and ISO 45001 Lead Implementer certifications. These courses end with examinations to assess your comprehension of Occupational Health and Safety Management concepts, principles, and the requirements of ISO 45001. Upon successful completion of the examination, participants can apply for the relevant PECB Certificate showcasing their skills and knowledge in implementing or auditing health and safety policies.

      How much time should I allow?

      The duration of the ISO 45001 training course isn't specified in the provided input. However, a range of courses is available, including Introduction, Foundation, Lead Implementer, Lead Auditor, and Transition. Each of these will likely have different durations, often varying from a day for introductory courses to five days or more for comprehensive ones such as Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor. Please refer to specific course details to determine timing.