Competition and Consumer Law Online training

Competition and Consumer Law - Dealing with Consumers Part 2 Training - 70 min

  • $66.00

Welcome to the Dealing With Consumers Part 2 course. This course has been developed to provide you with an understanding of the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law that protect consumers and how businesses deal with consumers. 

The Dealing with Consumers Part 2 course is part of the Competition and Consumer Law suite of courses, which also includes:

  • Competition and Consumer Law: An Introduction
  • Competition and Consumer Law: Dealing with Consumers Part 1, and
  • Competition and Consumer Law: Dealing with Other Businesses.

After completing this course, you will have an understanding of:

  • unconscionable conduct
  • product safety and product information
  • manufacturer's liability
  • consumer guarantees, and
  • consumers' rights to a refund.

            A Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion of the course and you are required to get an 80% pass mark to be deemed as understanding the content. It is recommended that training is conducted every 2 years to stay refreshed.