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Asbestos & You, provides foundation training for those entering the asbestos industry, professional development courses for those already in it, and general awareness for anyone who might need to deal with asbestos at work or at home. Asbestos & You only offers asbestos training. This includes nationally accredited courses that are Vocational Education Training (VET) compliant and meet Australian and NZ competency standards. All their trainers share their industry knowledge and provide practical guidance and personalized instruction.

John Carter, the founder of Asbestos & You, has decades of experience as the managing director of his own asbestos management company and is a previous board member of the Bernie Banton Foundation, among other industry accolades.

Asbestos & You is a registered Training Organisation who can deliver training at your premises, in a training facility close to you, or in one of their modern education venues.

Who are Asbestos & You trainers?

  1. John Carter (Asbestos Training Director) - John Carter, the founder of Asbestos and You, has decades of experience as the managing director of his own asbestos management company and is a previous board member of the Bernie Banton Foundation, among other industry accolades. He has a continued involvement in various industries and associations in forums and committees – helping set industry standards.
  2. Andrew Butler (Senior Asbestos Trainer) - Andrew Butler knows a thing or two about asbestos removal- he's been in the field for over 20 years, and even has his own asbestos consultancy business. He's also worked with John Carter in various capacities for years now, and even served as chairman for a group of asbestos industry stakeholders that provided policy feedback to the governing bodies. If that wasn't enough, he was also the Secretary for the Association of Building Consultants in South Australia for over a decade!
  3. Tiffany Carter (Training Coordinator) - Tiffany Carter is an experienced training facilitator and she also provides student support. She deals with all the queries on enrolments, student identification numbers, subsidies, and course bookings to ensure you have a smooth transition through training – from enrolment to certification. Tiffany draws from years of work in the building industry to ensure your paperwork is consistent with the National Quality Training Framework requirement.

Training Courses provided

1 – Supervise Asbestos Removal (Face to Face)

If you want to work as a Nominated Supervisor in Asbestos Removal and need to oversee the removal process for friable (Class A) and non-friable (Class B) asbestos containing material (ACM), you must complete this training course (CPCCDE4008). A company needs a nominated supervisor for their removal license to stay active. In other words, no removal can start without a nominated supervisor for each and every licensed removal job.

2 – Asbestos Awareness and Identification (Face to Face)

This Asbestos Awareness and Identification training course (11084NAT) is for anyone who may come into contact with asbestos, including employers, employees, DIYers, trades and maintenance workers, and anyone responsible for health and safety on a site.

3 – Asbestos compliance for PCBU’s and Delegates (Face to Face)

This course is for anyone who is responsible for health and safety across sites and workforces, including Executives, Owners/Managers, Facility and Property Managers, Team Leaders, Employers, and WHS Managers. If you are deemed a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, responsible officer of a company, or a delegate/agent responsible for health and safety, this course is for you.

4 – Working with non-friable asbestos under 10sqm + workshop (Face to Face)

This course is for anyone who needs to know how to safely work with asbestos. This includes Employees, DIYers, Trades and Maintenance Workers who may need to remove up to 10m2 of non-friable asbestos. You don't need a removal licence, but you do need to be properly trained. This course covers topics like cutting/drilling, sanding, cleaning up asbestos debris, fixing to asbestos cement sheet, and more.

Note: Most of Asbestos & You’s OHS/WHS courses are Nationally Recognised but check before purchasing if this is critical for you.

Face to Face learning

When it comes to learning, there is no one-size-fits-all method. Some students prefer to learn independently, while others prefer to be in a more structured environment. However, face-to-face learning has been shown to be an effective way to learn knowledge and skills. This is because it often combines different ways of learning, such as writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, group work, film clips and demonstration. This allows students to learn in a way that best suits their needs and preferences. In addition, face-to-face learning provides opportunities for students to receive feedback and support from their peers and instructors.

Advantages of Face to face learning

  1. Face to face interaction with learning instructor
  2. Enables more effective non-verbal communication
  3. Ability to motivate, inspire and engage
  4. Ability to discuss, collaborate, practice and role play


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