The SIA launches new convention for OHS and WHS professionals

The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) has announced a new initiative to attract Australia’s largest gathering of Health & Safety Professionals

The SIA are launching a new annual convention initiative called #SAFETYSCAPE, which they say will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders working across the wider field of health and safety to exchange ideas, explore industry trends, collaborate and develop their skills in an effort to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.

The inaugural convention will run from 22 -24 May 2018 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, and will provide space for different not for profit health and safety organisations to deliver their own events which could include workshops, forums, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

“According to Safe Work Australia approximately 20 workers die each month in Australian workplaces,” says David Clarke, chief executive officer, Safety Institute of Australia (SIA).

“We’re concerned about the level of ongoing long-term injury, illness and fatality statistics in Australian workplaces, and we believe it’s time for stakeholders in the field to try some new approaches.”

“One of the problems we all face is the fragmented nature of the health and safety field. We believe it’s time for agencies within the wider health and safety community to come together, build new bridges and collaborate with one another more,” said Clarke.

“Over the next two to three years our goal is to invite the wider community of interest in health and safety into the convention, with different providers coming in under the shared convention banner to raise the profile of health and safety in the workplace.”

“We already have some great partners, and we’re inviting others as well,” Clarke said. 

In addition to the SIA national conference the #SAFETYSCAPE Convention will feature events from organisations such as the Working at Heights Association, National Road Safety Partnership program, IEC Group, regulatory agencies and others.





Image sourced from Flickr cc: Bernard Spragg

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