Laing O’Rourke commits to shrinking gender pay gap

Cathal O’Rourke has joined more than 100 CEOs and directors across Australia who has confirmed their commitment to shrinking Australia's gender pay gap. 

“I am proud to represent Laing O’Rourke as a Pay Equity Ambassador and I look forward to doing what we can to ensure this issue is addressed by businesses across Australia,” O’Rourke said after the announcement was made on August 30, 2017. 

“Last year we conducted a gender pay gap review across Australia and I am proud to say we now have pay parity across the organisation and have filters in place to ensure men and women’s salaries do not diverge.” 

According to reports in 2016 women made up only 11.7% of the workforce in the construction sector and the current national gender pay gap is 15.3%.  

“As Australia’s largest privately-owned construction and engineering business, we have a responsibility to demonstrate that meaningful and rewarding career paths are available in this industry, regardless of a person’s gender,” O’Rourke said adding that Laing O’Rourke is committed to attracting, engaging and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce including the introduction of a number of initiatives to improve diversity in the workplace. 

In 2014 Laing O’Rourke introduced a new paid parental leave policy providing primary carers with access to 26 weeks of paid leave. The policy has now been updated to clarify the inclusion of all staff, both male and female, that assumes the role of primary carer in their family.  

“I am delighted to confirm we have released an update to our industry-leading paid parental leave policy.”   

“We understand the importance of family friendly practices and flexible work programs to ensure our employees are supported by the business while they respond to the evolving changes and demands of their personal and family lives,” O’Rourke said.  

Other initiatives introduced at Laing O’Rourke include: 

  • Inspiring STEM+ - a school engagement programme designed to encourage more girls into STEM courses at university and ultimately careers in construction and engineering
  • Keep in Touch and Return to Work coaching programs for all staff on parental leave
  • A Connecting Women network – a program of events designed to build engagement and greater visibility of our female leaders and to provide a forum for connecting our women, role modelling careers, and building new networks for support and advice; and
  • Flexible work programs.


Image sourced from Flickr cc: Scott Lewis

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