Industry leadership tackling mental health in the workplace

Industry leaders from some of NSW’s biggest businesses have announced a commit to significantly improve mental health in their workplaces.

Senior executives have told the NSW Government’s Mentally Healthy Workplaces Summit, being held in Sydney this week that they pledge their commitment to improving mental health in their workplaces.

The summit, has bought together mental health experts, the business sector, government and worker representatives to discuss solutions for mental health issues at work, they are committed to

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said a recent analysis of current workplace mental health initiatives found they delivered strong and positive outcomes for NSW businesses, and for their employees.

“Businesses that invest in workplace mental health promotions can get a return of more than $4 for every $1 invested from reduced absenteeism and better productivity,” Kean said.

“But with nearly half of all businesses having no measures in place to specifically address mental health in the workplace; it’s clear that we can do more to support employees.

“Work health and safety leadership is driven from the top of an organisation and I commend the CEOs who will today pledge their commitment to improving mental health in their workplaces.”

Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies said the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy is part of the NSW Government’s comprehensive approach to improving mental health across the state.

“Many employers and indeed their workers may not know how to effectively and appropriately prevent and manage mental health issues in their workplace,” Davies said.

“This summit has helped identify there is significant room for improvement in the workplace to better support people’s mental health. I welcome the commitment from business leaders’ and look forward to the outcomes of such a collaborative effort.”

The NSW Government aims to release the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy in early 2018.


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